If your cattle have ruminants such as cows and buffaloes, you would want them to yield maximum high-quality milk. Farm animals like cows and buffaloes need protein to produce milk. If they are not getting it in enough quantity, then the milk yield will not be high, and even if some milk is made, the quality can be impacted, which you would not want in any case. There are many sources of protein to feed your cattle. For example, you can provide them with grains, but there is a healthier and tastier solution called wheat silage, which is a protein-rich fodder for farm animals. In this article, you will learn about it and the protein requirements in your cattle.


Need of protein for cows


Here’s why your cows need protein.


  • Cows need protein for yielding milk and reproductive tract reconditioning after calving.
  • Young and growing cattle require relatively high levels of crude protein in their supper to support muscle growth.
  • Forages for nursing calves should contain at least 15 percent crude protein.


So now you know the need for protein in dairy cattle. As mentioned before, wheat silage is a good source of protein for dairy cattle. So you now have a protein solution for your dairy cattle. Furthermore, wheat is currently being used more to make silage than grain, so the availability of wheat silage has also increased, which is another advantage.


Benefits of wheat silage


Other than being a protein-rich diet for your dairy animals, wheat silage also has many other benefits. A few of them are given below.


  • Wheat Silage is a healthy and tasty protein-rich fodder for dairy animals.
  • It has a pleasant smell, so more will be consumed during feed out.
  • Wheat silage is easily digestible.
  • It has no side effects on your cattle’s health.
  • It helps yield more milk.
  • It gives your cattle the required nutrients to function correctly and live healthily.


With so many benefits, you must want to buy it for your cattle, but where can you purchase wheat silage in the best quality? If you are looking for high-quality Wheat Silage for your dairy cattle at affordable rates, it is suggested to look no further than Silage Agro Private Limited. Per their customer reviews, they are the best Silage Manufacturers in India.            


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