There are many types of health insurance, which depend on the coverage included, the personal data of the policyholder and the method of payment of the premium.

Health insurance can be broadly divided into: no-copay health insurance, copay health insurance, reimbursement health insurance, hospitalization insurance, and dental insurance. When looking for the best health insurance, future beneficiaries must meet the conditions included in each type of policy.

The health insurance without copayment is paid with a single premium and you can use the medical services as much as you want without having to add any amount for each visit. The health insurance copayment , to the contrary, is paid a lower annual premium, but should contribute a small amount of money each time you access to medical benefits. This is a system used by insurers so that users make responsible use of health services and at the same time represents a great economic benefit for the policyholder of health insurance.

With health insurance with reimbursement, the policyholder can freely choose the medical personnel who will attend him, as well as the clinics and hospitals he wants to go to. Services that are not in the insurer’s medical chart must be paid for in advance and are reimbursed later. According to the terms of the policy, 70% to 100% of medical expenses can be reimbursed. There is also the possibility of contracting a private health insurance that does not include hospitalization, in which case the premium is considerably lower.

Private health insurance also includes dental insurance , which covers only oral treatments and practices. This offer of services is usually included in health insurance with the most complete coverage and offers more services than those provided by public health.

To know with complete certainty which insurance to choose, an insurance comparison can be made that shows the best options based on personal need.