The whole world faces the big problem of sanitization and drinking water purification nowadays.Most of the solutions available are very costly and out of reach of the poor people of third world countries like India.The best possible solution is the use of DRINKING WATER PURIFICATION TABLETS or CHLORINE TABLETS which provide the best possible solution for the purification of water because they release chlorine gas when introduced in water which acts as a very effective microbicidal and makes the water safe for drinking.CHLORINE TABLETS are very safe and economical to use as they come in a particular dosage as specified by the CHLORINE TABLET SUPPLIERS.CHLORINE TABLETS are the easiest to handle because they are convenient to carry anywhere and we get pure drinking water in a very short time hence they are very useful for campers and travellers who can be assured of pure drinking water anywhere.Another better product for drinking water purification is NaDCC TABLETS or SODIUM DICHLOROISOCYANURATE TABLETS.NaDCC tablets are better because they have a longer shelf life as they have SODIUM Chlorine tablet in india DICCHLOROISOCYANURATE as their main ingredient which is a WHO approved microbicidal chemical and is perfectly safe for humans.NaDCC tablets are rapidly dissolving effervescent tablets which provide complete protection against all disease causing pathogens like Viruses ,Bacteria,algae,fungi,nematodes etc thus making drinking water perfectly purified for drinking and pathogen free.NaDCC TABLETS are much better than liquid bleach and any other purifying liquids because they are leakage and spillage free. NaDCC TABLETS are  also used to prepare solution in water which is very effective as vegetable and fruit wash,baby bottle cleaning solution,surface sanitizer ,floor cleaning solution,kitchen ware sanitizer solution etc if used in a proper concentration according to use .NaDCC TABLETS are gaining popularity as chlorine producing tablets because they dont leave any residue in water and dissolve completely to make water germ free in about 10 minutes time .NaDCC TABLETS have an advantage over TCCA as they do not alter the taste ,odour,or colour of water .NaDCC TABLETS are also better than the costly appliances available in the market for water purification as they are out of reach of the common man due to their high price and also because they loose their efficacy over a period of time. NaDCC TABLETS release chlorine gas in a controlled release manner and hence they are better than boiled water also which gets recontaminated after a long period of time.because of all these qualities of NaDCC TABLETS they are regularly used for DRINKING WATER PURIFICATION TABLET both at urban and rural levels.They also find extensive use in hotel and catering industry ,fish farms,dairies,ice making industries,poultry farms and railway bio toilets.NaDCC TABLETS are regularly placed in disaster management kits dropped or distributed  in natural disaster hit areas like flood hit areas or earthquake hit areas.The UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT FUND,The WHO ,The RED CROSS and defence services of many countries have approved the use of NaDCC tablets as DRINKING WATER PURIFICATION TABLETS provided that the NaDCC TABLETS SUPPLIERS follow the rules of GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES or GMP  strictly. SDIC Tablet