Mental wellbeing is essential in all domains of one’s life. With people spending most of their waking hours at work, mental health in the workplace is becoming increasingly important. Employers in all sectors have started to acknowledge the negative effects of toxic work environments and have made significant changes to their workplaces for the betterment of their employee’s emotional and mental wellbeing.skillcounty

Employees facing mental health issues can often result in loss of productivity as people fighting mental health problems can deal with symptoms like lack of focus, concentration difficulties, isolation and withdrawal from colleagues, disinterestedness, etc. To address these issues in the workplace, here are some points that can you follow to have an increasingly psychologically healthy workplace for your company.

1)   Address Stigma: Mental Health in India is taboo and people often find this stigmatized topic to be a point of discomfort. Conversations around mental health in your company would provide a safe space for struggling employees to talk about their issues in the workplace. Supervisors and managers can encourage these conversations and provide support to their employees through wellness programs.

2)   Employee Engagement: People in management and leadership positions should acknowledge that their staff is a necessary part of the organization. Employees who are made to feel that they are valued and involved in important decision-making and team discussion activities have higher engagement and productivity.

When a leader will encourage team discussion and suggestions from all employees, it will empower them and create an overall better organizational performance. However, when employees are not involved, it creates negative feelings of distrust, inferiority and low self-esteem and confidence.

3)   Focus on Growth and Development for Employees: The motivation of employees would increase when they will believe that they are climbing their desired career ladder. Employers should focus on creating mentoring programs that can help junior staff members or newly hired employees reach their desired career goals. This is known to enhance an employee’s job satisfaction and create an overall positive attitude towards the organization.

 On the other hand, when employees feel that they are stuck at one position with no scope of growth in the organization, they are most likely to quit their jobs. You can also focus on creating professional skills programs, training, and promotional opportunities to enhance growth in your organization.

4)   Work-Life Balance: Healthy workplaces acknowledge that their employees have a personal life outside of the workplace and maintains certain important boundaries around it. Calling in an employee on their day off or expecting them to receive work calls after their shifts is an example of the unhealthy work-life boundary. Your employees are valuable resources to your organization and caring for their psychological health is your moral responsibility. It enhances the employee-employer relationship by adding a component of trust and care. It is also known to positively affect organizational effectiveness and better quality of work environment

Author- Antara Sinha, skillcounty- Placement Portal