Paper work are always the tough part of the story whenever we talk about different organisations. Every other organisation is now adopting the new policy of going digital and even educational institute should pick it up. The major reason for it is that schools and colleges have to maintain a huge amount of student data even from the past. Therefore, with the increase in the years of service, the amount of data piling up increases as well.

Open Source Student Information System in easier words can be explained as a designed modelled technology which can store all the details of a student which will be indirectly or directly related to the overall performance of the student. The information therefore, can be accessed from any particular location by the person who has the access to the same. Whether it be academic, disciplinary or extracurricular records, everything can be accessed with a single click. The smooth integration between the parents, lecturers, administration and students is just another add on to the software.

However, for any new organisation picking up a new open source student database management system is not so easy. Therefore, it is very important to understand all the different features and benefits that the same is going to bring in. The whole point of the discussion lies in the system fulfilling your organisational needs. Whenever a person is going for an open source student database management system, he can expect the following features –

Monitoring the student activities properly – Whether it be any disciplinary issue, attendance or any failure in scoring good marks, each and every information about the student should be updated properly without any failure. Many a times, it can be missed out while a human is taking care of the same. However, it is not the same for a computer which is operated on algorithms.

Ease in scheduling the examination and proper record of attendance – With proper knowledge of the open source student information system, one can easily plan and schedule for different examinations and seminars without any failure. With this, all the students will be updated about the same immediately within seconds.

Maintenance of library – Whether it be an offline library or an online one, high maintenance is something very important for both. Without proper knowledge of books management, it is very difficult to take care of a library in the offline mode. However, with the open source student information system, the algorithm takes care of it all and therefore, all the hard work is taken care of.

Proper management of the hostel records – Both colleges and schools nowadays have a huge amount of students who opt for their hostel facilities. It is quite normal to miss out on some of the data and thus one can’t be blamed for the same. However, losing data is not a small mistake and therefore, must be omitted in any possible manner. Opting for an open source student information system can help one with the same.