LED Tubse Vs Fluorescent Tubes

As the world transform day by day even minute by minute, the lighting technology also transform with the need of the lighting in every era. In earlier lighting age we used to have incandescent bulbs in our homes and offices. The bulbs give us a yellow lighting effect and if you tried to touch the bulb after switching it on you will feel the heat. Incandescent bulbs produces heat when provides light. Then the technology move forward and fluorescent tubes come as an innovation in lighting technology.

Fluorescent was much better as compare to incandescent as that do not heat that much as incandescent but still there are few things that cannot be ignore if we have a better option. Presence of mercury inside the tube is one of the bigger example for that. In US and Canada government had to create a proper recycle program for fluorescent tubes to get rid of harmful effect of mercury.

LED tubes does not contains any harmful mercury, they do not heat up while brighten the room also they are energy-efficient and save cost. A LED tube has more lifespan than a fluorescent tube. As far as we said the energy efficiency is concerned we can explain this as if we have a fluorescent tube of 15 watt, a 12 watt LED tube can replace that tube with same brightness and you can save the energy.

Fluorescent lights emit some UV light, which feels hard on the eyes and also can cause fading the color of fabrics. LED tubes or bulbs do not emit any UV light and provide a soft environment for the eyes. When you on a fluorescent fixture the fluorescent tube flicker in the start. LED tubes don’t have the issue of the flicker. So you can get rid of that flicking problem and can save your eyes of the harm of that flicker.

If we talk about the structure a LED tube is rugged as compare to fluorescent tube, LED is solid state light that is more damage resistant as compare to fluorescent lights. The above are some small comparison between fluorescent and LED tubes. The other thing is fluorescent tubes are fragile so they can break easily and if they break as they have mercury inside the tube so that can be an issue for the user. LED tubes have more benefits as compare to any lighting lamp up till now.

They are not harmful, they produce natural lights, and they have a long life span and save energy and cost. This is a summary of key advantages but still, there are things that you should know about that. Like you don’t need to do maintenance for LED tubes so you can save the cost of maintenance. As other than LED you need to look after the maintenance of the fixture and the tube.

I hope now you understand why LED tubes are better than the old fluorescent tubes and why you need to make a decision to change your lighting. Hope you get all the necessary information and comparison, what you were looking for. Feel free to ask any question about lighting. I’ll be back with some more great knowledge about lighting product. Thank you for reading.