Social Media Amalgamation and Role of WhatsApp Spy – Tell me how many of you have multiple accounts on the social media platform?

How many of you use just a single platform and how many of you love more than one. I use more than one
social media app. I know it is not something to brag about but still, this is the reality. Well, some
people even have different types of companies, online friends, interests, and more for each of the
platforms. Well, it is a secret don’t tell anyone but I have a fan account on Twitter where I follow
every Korean drama fan page and more. I am sure many of you would relate to that. It is simple
like a safe place for us where no one is allowed to create any drama because it is simply our safe
drama place.

But what if I tell you there are many platforms which are related to each other. We know
Facebook acquired Instagram and have a few years back they also got hold of the popular instant
messenger chat app WhatsApp as well. So, the family is now bigger and they are making it
possible to connect each one of them practically as well. For example among you who are
involved in any kind of business have surely used social media as a marketing tool. You can
simply post on the platform and it will be published n the other one as well. I am talking about
Instagram and Facebook. Similarly, you might have noticed a call to the WhatsApp button in
different Facebook business pages as well. That is the result of WhatsApp and Facebook
amalgamation. The use of social media app as marketing has become so much easy because of
this but at the same time needs sensitive precautionary measures as well. WhatsApp spy feature
for example can be now used to take care of your online business that is happening through
Facebook or Instagram as in the end they all are connected.

WhatsApp Spy:

The WhatsApp spy app offered by the OgyMogy app is one of the best ways to handle all of
WhatsApp communication. Before going into the feature detail let me tell who can use this

 It can be a person who wants to save all of his WhatsApp chat details on the web portal.

 It can be a parent who is worried about the online safety of their kid. As the app let the
user get on two digital chat platform so you can know about the details remotely without
the kids knowing.

 It can be used by employers who use WhatsApp for business and want to make sure the
employees are dealing professionally with the customers and clients.

Keep an Eye On The Potential Customer Approach:

With a button like a call on WhatsApp, the way to do business online has become easier and
more flexible. A customer can simply place an order or ask a query directly thanks to Facebook
and WhatsApp. Know if you are receiving such calls On WhatsApp and track the customer
expectations, complaints, or anything else regarding the product by yourself.

Responsibly Promote Via WhatsApp group:

WhatsApp group can be used to promote your product. Monitor every official account moves
with the WhatsApp spy app to make sure everything goes smoothly without any problem.

Monitor every incoming and outgoing Call:

With the WhatsApp spy app, one can know about the incoming and outgoing call records of the
target. One of the best features is parental control.

Stop personal use of Official Account:

Discourage personal use of official accounts by the employees by continually monitoring every
move through the OgyMogy WhatsApp spy app.

Use the recordings to teach New Employees:

One can use the recordings to teach the new employees about dealing with any good or bad
customer right at the spot.

Make sure as an employer if you use the WhatsApp spy or any other app you follow the rules
and regulations. For example, as an employer, you are only allowed to install the in the
company-owned device. It is not authorized or morally right to monitor the employees through
the personal gadget even if it is for the sake of work.