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Rice Ddgs suppliers in India

GSK Feeds is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality Maize Gluten.

Rice Ddgs suppliers in India

Rice Ddgs suppliers in India 1

We are
committed to offer premium grade nutrition value to livestock of our esteemed clients at
affordable cost.
Maize Gluten is a byproduct of corn Wet Milling to produce oil, sweeteners, cornstarch, oil and
other products. Comprising of residue from starch, it is deemed as a rich-protein feed ingredient
primarily used as a source of Hi-protein, energy for livestock.
Our product promises feed with a balanced composition of essential starch, protein, and
digestible fiber emulating ruminant compounds which makes it a perfect component in cattle

Rice Ddgs suppliers in India 2

Rice Ddgs
As professionals having many years of experience in the industry, we recommend Maize Gluten
owing to its fiber-rich content and presence of significant amounts of nutritious protein and
starch. Our products are very popular and widely recommended as a feed additive in cattle diets
to supply them the healthiest source of energy and protein. It is also easy to digest and ensures
better absorption.

  • High protein content
  • Longer shelf life
  • Easy to digest
  • Very Pure
    Our maize gluten feed is commonly used as protein and energy source as listed below:
  • Feeding Milch cows
  • Feeding of poultry
  • Feeding of pigs
  • Feeding of fish

– Feeding of pets (dogs and cats)


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