Today in this post let’s unbox and review the realme buds 2wired earphones these are the successors to the first-generation realme buds. So let’s have a look if they are really worth the price they are being off of that here we go the realme buds 2 come in a very basic white packaging. On the front of the box, we can see the image of the earphones the realme branding, and the name of the earphones while on the back we can see some important features of the earphones mention the model number the pricing. The company information the pricing on the box is mentioned that will be 799 but they are available at least 599 on Amazon India. Realme bud 2 is the best earphone under 600.

In the box:

In the box, we get the earphones that are decently packed. I got them in yellow color but they are also available in orange and green color then opening the other compartment. We find the user guide and some extra ear tips. Overall I was very satisfied with the packaging of the earphones. 

Physical overview:

Now to give you a physical overview as they are wired earphones it has got a 3.5 mm headphone jack but unfortunately, it is not gold-plated and it’s straight I wish it was angled. It would remain more sturdy when it’s plugged in the wire looks to be of good quality. It’s raided till the joint with the cable organizer attached to it. It while the other half of the wire it’s not raided but of a good quality further down the wire. We have the remote with the volume plus and the minus button and another multi functional button then we have the earbuds themselves which look premium.

And also have magnets that don’t serve any purpose though other than keeping the earbuds attached to the remote. On the other hand is made out of plastic and the plus and the minus buttons are used to increase or decrease the volume. The multi functional button is used for various functions single click to play or pause the music and answer incoming calls double click to skip to the next track triple click to go to the previous track which unfortunately didn’t work for me and long blessing will reject your calls or activate the Google assistant. 

Sound quality:

 Let’s talk about the sound quality now, to be honest, I was literally impressed with the sound quality of these earphones. If you are the bass head then the 11. 2 mm bass boost drivers are gonna pump enormous amount of bass in your ears. The bass is boosted and also has a punch to it but at about 80% volume. I felt the sound would be muffled a bit for bass heavy songs but the sound gets really very loud though the vocals sounded good.

The instrument separation was good the highs mids and lows were good. The call quality was crisp and clear and I didn’t face any interference while on a call, not the opposite person complained these fitted well in my ears and I didn’t face any discomfort while using them even for a longer period of time but it’s worth noting that. These are not sweating or water resistant finally as for I was decked the real me buds to avoid your phone song it’s really good in my opinion. 

SO Conclusion:

If you’re a person who prefers the sound a bit more balanced then you’re probably will have to look somewhere else but if you are someone who is in for punchy bass with good sound and want a pair of well-built earphones the real me to budge tool is for you. This the end of the Realme Buds 2 Wired Earphones Review.   

Author bio: Ritik is the managing editor for best-electronic. when is not writing he listens to sometimes exercise. He likes to search for new ideas and loves writing about mobile accessories reviews.



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