New Year marks the start of new beginnings, new adventures to enjoy, new memories to create . Trust and have faith in the magic of a new beginning. So let’s greet the new year with family trips and thrilling adventures right away at the less commercialized version of Goa. Well, yes you‘re right its Gokarna Beach. It is the best escape one can have

Gokarna – Overview

Gokarna is a small town located in Karnataka. It is the dream destination among all the trekkers, foreign tourists, and thalassophiles. The Golden trail is followed by several beaches. Here you can have an insight into bleak golden sunrise, creeping waves, and feel the subtle fragrance of fresh air. Despite splendid views, the place offers you many recreational activities that release your stress not only physically but mentally too. The beach is a safe and perfect place for an outing. 

Well, what can be more fascinating if you get a chance to spend your new year beginning at this place.

Time is taken to complete the trail

 Approximately 7-8 hours are required for completing the trail. but to experience the pleasure of camping and visiting nearby places you ideally require a 3 days trip. 


Your Trek begins from Belekan Beach. Trekking from this beach you also get to experience camping near the beach site. In a nutshell, you can experience a perfect blend of camping and trekking altogether. 

  • Belekan Beach –  The trail begins with Belekan beach. It has an amicable atmosphere where you can ease upon. You can experience the sunset, cool breeze, and sparkling blue water of the seashore. The place has a variety of things to explore. You can do rafting, plan a picnic, have yoga sessions, or play any beach sports with your companion. The beach is less crowded so people prefer evening walks too. You can find beach shacks where you can relax.
  • Paradise Beach- From belekan beach you directly reach another beach which is paradise beach. It is 8 km away from Pondicherry. Paradise beach is a popular camping spot among trekkers. You can experience staying in camping tents around the bonfire in front of the bright seaside. It is known for water sporting adventures. The place also has other beaches nearby like chunnnambar boathouse and Auroville beach. The experience is mesmerizing which cannot be explained in words until you go and feel the beauty. Some of the best eateries near the beach are Flaming dragon, hot bread, and Haveli vegetarian restaurant.
  • Half-moon Beach – After spending a day you can head to half-moon beach. It is surrounded by unique, thick, and dense flora-fauna. It is very clean. The place provides a picturesque view. You can spend your time indulging yourselves in a plethora of fun-filled activities. It is worth visiting the beach escaping away from the hustle-bustle. The place is also known for dolphin spotting. 
  • Om Beach – Om beach is a perfect location where you can nourish your soul. The place makes you feel rejuvenated. As the name suggests its shape connects it to spirituality. The holy place is usually visited by tourists due to its divine aura. It is surrounded by lush green forest and a turquoise blue seashore. You can have a sunbathe, enjoy doing jet skiing, boating, and reading books. you can enjoy exotic dishes near the beach like in Namaste café, Surya café, and Sunset café.
  • Kudle Beach – The Golden trail continues and you finally reach kudle beach. The beach is C-shaped. It is a pristine beach for all the tourists. You can shoot and capture your pictures under the bright sunrise or dim light moon. The place is so serene that you can ever feel the sound of waves. It is an ideal place to relax if you are on a solo trip. You can enjoy the mouth-watering delicacies out here at various restaurants like – Little paradise inn and Pizzeria kudle view. 

Not to miss this feast on Gokarna Beach – 

  • Enjoy the Bonfire with melodious live music show
  • Visit the mysterious Tales of Mirjan Fort 
  • Indulge yourself in thrilling beach sports activities and ride the waves
  • Explore the Beach house.
  • Chill with cocktails and treat your taste buds with tempting seafood
  • Have a cruise party.
  • Fall in Romantic affair with a candlelight dinner
  • Discover the universe by stargazing
  • Collect memories collect the shells.
  • A leisure walk for pictures to update on Instagram


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