Marble effect porcelain tiles are a great way to take your tile selection up a notch. These ties are a bit different from the average marble tile as it is made from porcelain.  The look of a marble effect on porcelain tiles is classic and timeless. These tiles look great and are made out of great materials, which are durable and strong. As a result, they are a good choice for interior design. If you are looking for marble tiles but stronger and durable than other average marble tiles, then these tiles are perfect for you.

These tiles have a natural and real look like marble. It comes with a matte or polished finish. They are fortunately fire-resistant, stain-resistant and heat resistant which is perfect for almost any room space. You do not have to worry about maintaining these tiles as they are both easy to maintain and install. Not to mention they are cheaper than marble tiles and are useful for underfloor heating.

Why choose marble effect porcelain tiles

Marble effect porcelain tiles have a luxurious and modern look for walls and floor. These tiles are suitable and a great choice for bathroom walls, bathroom floors, living room spaces, hallways, backsplashes, kitchen walls, kitchen floors, hotel floors and more. White, beige, and grey are heavily used due to the sheer elegance it provides.

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How are ‘marble effect’ porcelain tiles different from regular marble and porcelain tiles?

Both pose as good options. Porcelain tiles are mostly used in kitchen and bathrooms and come in a variety of colours and designs. These tiles are of top quality and therefore DOES have a great difference relative to marble, considering it is not as strong as porcelain tiles. These tiles can last more than 4 decades. Marbles are all about class whereas porcelain is all about durability. Porcelain tiles are more durable than marble while marble needs extra care and need high maintenance because they have chances of break out.

Porcelain tiles need minimal maintenance and they have countless options to choose from. Moreover, these tiles are super easy to clean. However, keeping both in view there is no doubt that both tiles are great in their own places and both of them are worth using, now imagine using quality premium tiles that give you the best of both worlds for both tile types and texture. Hence the preference of marble effect porcelain tiles.

How to maintain your porcelain tiles?

It is easy to maintain your porcelain tiles, you must Firstly Remove all the dirt and dust with a broom, ensuring you start off with a clean base especially if you are opting for a thorough rinse. You can also clean it with a mix of vinegar, water and baking powder and rub it with a brush or a micro fabric until it’s fully cleaned, however, beware of ruining the tile enamel while you are it.

These marble effect tiles are totally worth buying for your house, especially with the super high quality and durability it comes with.


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