Globally, the social distancing norm is altering business subtleties to a great extent. As we get ready to accept the ‘new normal’ it is crucial for different organizations to search for new ways to operate, grow, and diversify.Especially, this is true for schools, colleges, and various educational institutions.

In keeping with the government directives, most of the schools have gone for online classes for their learners. These virtual classes and cooperation software keep the students involved and connected with the educational institutes andthe teachers whileconfirming the set rules.

But, for the school administrative team, it is a challenge to stay on top of their game, whileupholding all the guidelines of social quarantine norms. So, accepting technology through an education management information system is the most logical solution for the smooth functioning of everyday school operations.

Below are certain functions of school administration that can be competently managed remotely with the aid of online school software

  • Handling new admissions and applicants queries

For educational institutions,handlingfresh admissions and addressing new queriesis the most criticalresponsibility. Lockdown does not translate to the complete stoppage of these tasks. The school management systemletsinstitutionsautomate the entire admission process.

Moreover, the school can also fireautomated emails to the parents as remindersof the school admission procedure likeimportant dates, processes, and lots more.

  • Fee collection and receipt generation

To avoid longmeandering queues every month for the payment of fees, the school staff can utilize the online school softwareto create an online payment system for the school fee payment. This automated system can mailconsistent reminders to the parents to escapenonpayment.

Handy school management tools will also consist of a report generation module to assist the school staff to produce reports associated with school fees collection. Thisidentical tool can also send automated fee receipts to the parents after the fees payment to conclude the entire transaction process.

  • Team meetings and job distribution

Administrative teammeetings have a fundamental role in any organization and help keep everyone informed and updated about the differentendeavors and let themjoin forces as a team.

Throughout the social distancing period, the school management softwarepermits the school to organize staff meetings via online discussions and deliberations.

In fact, the task allocation module can be utilized to allocate tasks to staff. Also, it can be used to inform the team about the duty assigned to them and receive feedback on the same.

  • Attendance management

An online education management information systemautomates the humdrumjob of regular attendance taking in schools. When the learners are learning from their home or the office staff is operating from home, this system allows the school to retainexactchronicles and generate concise student attendance reports.

These tracking tools are premeditatedchiefly for use in schools and can be employed to generate reports of attendance of the students and of the staff. In fact, the staffs’ attendance report helps in salary computation at the end of the month.

  • Data management

Educational institutions are storehouses of a hugevolume of data –starting from student- related data to legal and monetary information linked with the school. But, while operatingdistantly, it is impossible for the school employees to access this information that is stored in bulky files and in paper format.

But, while using a virtual school system, this same data can be stored in a cloud system online. Also, this can be accessed and retrieved simply from any desktop, laptop, or smartphone. This data also can be modifiedaccording to requirements.

As schools prepare themselves for a new and massively changing world,many technological tools can aidto function impeccablywhile upholding all the social isolation rules. The usage of a school management system help schools toparticipate, educate, and communicate with the learners, educators, and staff without any hindrances in these difficult times also.