Water-based Lubricant oils are a very prominent solution for passionate couples or people who are hoping to get a tad of additional grease amid sexual play or mere toy play. Unlike most silicone-based oils, personal water-based lubes such as Dual H2 Water Lubricant, Playboy Lube is ideal to use on toys made of any materials such as rubber, silicone, plastic, etc. Water-based lubes are condom friendly and are good to go with the majority of the sex toys India and adult products that we offer on the Adultscare online store.

Generally, water-based individual oils are viewed as the least annoying for individuals with extremely delicate skin, sensitivities, and allergies. Regardless of whether you are utilizing water-based individual oils or any other kind of lubricant type, it is really a mandate to spot test before applying to considerably sensitive and fragile intimate regions. Search through our entire stock of water-based lubricants showed on our websites like Sex intimate premium vagina tightening lubricant, Manmio water-based lubricants, and Silk touch sex oil, etc., and get a huge amount of discounts while making orders of more than Rs.1500. Combine these lubricants and match them with our variety of condoms or with another adult toy for even much more saving of funds!

What is a Water Based Lubricant?

A water-based lubricant is an adult product intended to decrease friction amid foreplay, masturbation toy, and vaginal/anal intercourse. The expression “water-based” depicts the key ingredient in the product – water. The lubricants that are water-based will regularly have water recorded as one of the main content in the formula. They are additionally typically named “water-based” on the front face of their packaging to make it easy for the customer to distinguish them. Certain lubes may have silicone or oil as their primary ingredient rather than water. These adult products are known as “silicone-based” lubricants and “oil-based” lubricants, separately. Each lubricant type has its own advantages and disadvantages. This makes it imperative that you understand the distinctions before you select a water-based lube.

Why use Water-based Lubricants?

Appropriate lubrication is fundamental to sexual well-being and delightful moments in the bedroom. In case you are utilizing sex toys, exploring different methods related to discovering anal region play, or facing issues with identified vaginal dryness, water-based lubricants can make your sexual encounters progressively comfortable and even uplift sensations in genital regions. There are various types of oils accessible available today on the Adultscare store. A standout amongst the most prominent lubes is the water-based lube. Adultscare.com has dozens of water-based lubricants available like Pissing kiss peach flavor lubricant to enable you to find the perfect formula to match your requirements.

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