Having problems with your WordPress website, not delivering emails and don’t know how to configure WP mail SMTP Plugin? You’re not alone. Many websites today employ WP Mail SMTP to send their emails reliably.

For sending PHP emails, most WordPress hosting providers don’t have their servers properly configured resulting in frequent email delivery issues.

It’s more common to see email delivery issues in the WordPress site, but is there any way to fix this email deliverability issues? Yes, there are just a few steps to improve the issues by fixing it quickly by using WP Mail SMTP for reliable, authenticated email delivery.

Would you like to improve email deliverability in just a few steps? By setting up the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) on your site, you can quickly fix email delivery issues with minimal setup.

How to Configure WP Mail SMTP Plugin?

One popular available plugin option is ‘WP Mail SMTP’.

However, if you want to use a Gmail address to send from your WordPress site, view the following article instead.

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In this article, we’ll show you how to configure WP Mail SMTP Plugin and Other SMTP mailers in WP Mail SMTP to fix and improve email delivery issues on your WordPress site.

  1. Install the WP Mail SMTP Plugin
  2. Setting Up WP Mail SMTP
  3. Configuring “Other SMTP” Settings
  4. Sending a Test Email

If done right, it helps to fix your email deliverability by reconfiguring WordPress to use a proper SMTP provider while sending emails from your site. Also, these four points will help you to make email deliverability easy and reliable ensuring your emails reach the recipient’s inbox. Moreover, WP mail Setup also allows you to send emails from different email hosts.

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