Full Stack Development’ is one of the most important topics of discussion for developers online. In fact, onsocial platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, many individuals display their job title as a full stack developer. Fundamentally, the discussion and debate about the full stack is an argument pertaining to the all-rounder and expert in the IT industry. It is a debate on the profundity and extensiveness of development skills.

So, who is a full stack developer?

To explain it simply, a full stack developer is an individual who masters a diversity of skill sets and utilizes these skills to complete a software product comprehensively and independently.

In fact, “full stack” denotes the collection of a series of technologies required to conclude a project. “Stack” actuallytalks about a collection of sub-modules. These software sub-modules are pooled together to accomplish the customary function without the necessity for other modules.

Aspiring IT developers are alwaysinquiring about how to become a full stack developer?

A competent and experienced full stack developer should have functional understanding and skills for all aspects involved in creating the application. They must have professional full stack development training in Kolkata before going into the industry. Things that are required to become a full stack developer –

  • Programming languages

It is a prerequisite to be adept in several programming languages, like JAVA, PHP, C #, Python, Ruby, Perl, and many others as the majority of your basic business processes need to be written in these languages.You also have to master the language grammar, and also have to be very acquainted with the way to structure, design, implement and test the project built on one language or more languages. You can learn such programming languages from a full stack development course in Kolkata.

  • Utilize development frameworks and third-party libraries

The well-known development languages are usuallycomplemented by a decent development framework, like JAVA Spring, MyBatis, Hibernate, Python Django, PHP thinkphp, and so on.

  • Front-end technology

Front-end technology know-hows are becoming extremelysignificant in today’s project and software product development scenario. Apart from product features, the user experience is also one of the main benchmarks to assess the success of a product. All theserest on the application of the front-end technology. So, yourequiremastering some rudimentary front-end technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc. Then you need to further study the front-end frameworks or third-party libraries like JQuery, LESS, SASS, AngularJS, and others.

  • Database and cache

Any software product or project requires a database to store data. As a full stack developer, it is a must to have a minimum of one or two databases and also the knowledge of interacting with the database. Presently, the popular database is MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, and SQLServer, and many others.Forbigger projects, MySQL or commercial Oracle is most recognized as the back-end database.

  • Elementary design skill

Designing skills is also very essential. The principle and proficiency in basic prototype design, UI design, and UX design are also desirable for better understanding.

  • Other miscellaneous skillsets to become a full stack developer

Apart from completinga full stack development course in Kolkata, an aspiring full stack developer must possess or cultivate a world-class thought process, good communication abilities, and resourcefulness, inquisitiveness, and time management skills.

Therefore, the above things prove that the full stack developers can’t be churned out overnight in spite of going throughfull stack development training in Kolkata. What you can basically do is laying down the technical groundwork, build up the fundamental skills, and continue learning for future challenges.