High bay lights are powerful luminaires used to light up a large area which is used to carry out transport, manufacture, and production tasks on a large scale. Such areas include

Aircraft hangars, industries, warehouses. These lights are also used in community centres, conference halls, large recreational facilities, gyms etc. basically any place with the ceiling height of above 20 feet.

High bay lights are heavy duty lighting fixtures which provide bright, uniform light at a stance.

A few factors which should be taken into consideration before installing these lights are:

  • The height of the ceiling.
  • The frequency of lights and the frequency at which lights are used in the facility.
  • If they can easily be retrofitted with the current fixture.

They use different kinds of reflectors for different illumination purposes. The different kinds of reflectors are:

1.Aluminum reflectors: they help cast the light directly downwards

 2.Prismatic reflectors: they help cast diffused light to the surrounding spaces and are useful for illuminating objects or any other elevated surfaces.

The usual wattage at which high bay lights operate on ranges between 90 Watts to 490 Watts. Different designs are available in several wattages.The choices are 100 watts, 150 watts, 240 watts and the big 300 watts.

High bay lighting can be round or linear in shape.

  • Round high bay lights

 also known as UFO high bay lights. They are designed like a saucer round or rectangular in shape. They are the easiest to install because they just hang at one point. Round high bay lights can be great for a place with higher ceilings. The beam angle of light from UFO high bay lights is around 120 degrees which is ideal for ceiling height above 15feet. 

The illumination from round lights can be perfect for lighting the interior of a gym or conference hall. A 100 watts high bay light can be used in such spaces.

Round UFO lights are also used in  large, open commercial spaces as well. In a  25ft open space 240 watts high bay lights will work perfectly.

  • Linear High bay lights

These lights are great for really large buildings because they uniformly illuminate a vast area. Linear lights can be long and wide or long and skinny. They can be used to light up a place which has a lot of shelves or aisles.They are the best option in super stores as they can be installed over each aisle so any of the product placed there is easily visible.

It’s important to keep your purpose in mind when choosing lights. For a large commercial building,150 to 200 watts high bay light will make all your space well-lit. If you have a smaller space or the need for softer lighting, 95 to 100watts could be the suitable rating for your fixture.

High bay lights are available in different fixtures which are:

  1. Induction lights
  2. Metal halide lights
  3. Fluorescent lights
  4. LED lights

In recent times LED fixtures have gained popularity in the lighting sector for obvious reasons. They are the most advanced lighting technology there is.  Available as round, linear,architectural and grid-mount high-bays. Different fixtures have different pros and cons and all of them offer different light qualities and coverage styles. In order to choose the best LED it is important to look for a high lumen rating as it ensures better quality of light.