Staying fit is becoming the aim of people of every age group. Not only is everyone desiring just to stay fit but also having a good physique. People who are looking for the best gym in Newtown can look for Flexym. It is not only a good gym with all the equipments but also considered to be one of the best fitness center in Newtown. The aim should not only be of having a good physique but to stay fit both internally and externally.

Procedures of Fitness Training:

This gym has a 90 minute program for full body workout where expert gym trainers plan a workout chart for different people according to their height, weight and physical capability. All kinds of equipments are available and special training is also provided here. It is to ensure that people can workout in diversified methods according to their body ability.

Along with gym equipments there are zumba classes, yoga classes and free hand training available. Also personal training is available for those who need or require special attention in physical training of any kind.


The goal of this fitness center is not only to provide the customers with good bodies but also prepare them with all sorts of physical endurance. It is known that exercise helps to boost energy both physically and mentally. This gym provides the people with the apt ambience where people are bound to get motivated for their regular physical training.

Body Transformation:

For people who wish to lose weight are made to sit with their trainer for a one to one conversation with their physical trainer. There the trainer prepares a proper diet chart and a routine for exercise where the person can lose their weight in a healthy manner. Also there are muscle building physical training provided for people who are lean and wish to gain healthy mass. In short this fitness center helps people to gain the lost confidence of people who have issues related to their body.

The trainers make the people learn to love their physical self and embrace what they have. If the people learn to love their present state then they can work themselves to their better versions.

Outdoor Fitness Programs:

This gym also organises outdoor fitness programs in which yoga or other forms of free training, rock climbing, running are done in open areas. These open areas involve beaches, grasslands and many more.


This gym not only helps people to get in shape but it builds a sense of discipline in its customers. The physical trainers make the customers understand the value of discipline before beginning their training. Discipline makes a person focused in every way. The trainers not only help to transform bodies but they help in all round development of the personalities.

In this gym, people learn to love themselves, learn the art of discipline and the regular practice of workout. People who want to change themselves in an all round basis can join here.


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