Waterproofing Practices – An Introduction “No material is itself durable or non-durable, it is the [...]

Milwaukee, USA –Ms. Ishita Manjrekar, Director of [...]

Mr. Sourabh Manjrekar is awarded for notable contributions to the development of construction chemical aids and [...]

1.GPX Global Systems DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM: GPX Global Systems builds and operates private, [...]

1.Edelweiss/IBM DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM: In 2008 Edelweiss, one of India’s leading financial service companies [...]

The Information Technology industry in India has increased its contribution to India’s GDP from 6.1% in [...]

Various permutations and combinations in specifications can avoid such problems, for example, the following [...]

Mechanism of Waterproofing by Proper Cement Hydration One of the products of hydration of cement is cementgel or [...]

Indian Construction Chemical Company ‘Sunanda Speciality Coatings Pvt. Ltd.‘ bagged the award for the [...]

Modern day structures are indeed more complicated than the earlier ones, which were constructed, say 20-25 years [...]