Here’s How To Maintain The Dairy Cows’ Rumen Health With Silage

A farmer can find more microbes in a dairy cow’s rumen or its first stomach that receives food than the entire population of earth. So imagine what’s happening in a cow’s rumen if one thinks it’s challenging for everyone to work together. The central part of a rumen’s microbial population consists of bacteria. These microbes … Read more

Tips to Make The Best Silage Pile

Making the right silage pile is just as important as making the best quality silage. The perfect silage pile ensures that the quality of silage remains intact for a longer time, and it also provides easier maintenance and storage. Drive-over silage pile construction The drive-over silage pile is the most efficient. Thus every farmer should … Read more

Six Steps to Produce Good Quality Silage

Good quality silage has many benefits for dairy animals, such as improved health of lactating cows and many more. Here are the steps to produce it. The six stages towards high-quality Silage The six steps are cutting, wilting, harvesting, treating, clamping, and feeding. Cutting: – Cutting the crops such as wheat, grass, maize, wheat, maize, … Read more

Steps To Balance A Cow’s Diet

Every farmer wants their dairy cows to give the best quality milk in maximum amounts; to achieve that, the ruminants need to eat the best quality rations in perfect balance. Too much or too little can give them health issues; that’s why finding the correct balance of nutrition for cows has become a big concern … Read more