If you’re like me, you’ve already started planning for Christmas. And if your friends are anything like mine, they also love to read. So naturally, I’ve rounded up some of the best gifts out there for book lovers — ranging from books to coffee to bags and more! Check it out!


For even more happiness and awesomeness, pick up a Kindle if you don’t already have one.

I absolutely love this one. I have a copy of The Complete Idiots Guide to Life below it, though, so you can’t really compare them, even if this is a gift for people who love reading. But make no mistake: You need to read this book. You need to be awake. You need to be immersed. The letters are white on black, which immediately sets the mood. I didn’t pre-order this on FixMySpace because I assumed it has a one-day shipping deadline, and I thought the same thing about Itty Bitty.

I am a voracious reader, read a lot of books, a lot of articles, a lot of blogs, read for work, read fiction,  read pirate romance novels, read magazines, sad romance books, and just about everything in between.

Either way, this one’s a winner — and it’s awesome for people who hate exercise, those who are diet crazed, and anyone else who simply likes to move around a little.

Now, this is one that, perhaps, you’re not expecting from me. (Maybe you ordered it last week for St. Patrick’s Day — coz that’s when I wrote this article!) But if I need a gift for someone who loves TikTok, this is the gift for them. If you’re Italian, this might be more of a surprise for you, and it’s totally adorable. But it’s the perfect gift.

I’ve been a TikTok queen for over a year — well, maybe not an official queen, but I certainly inspire my peers to take part in #TikTokers. It’s simply the best way to be entertained and learn new things from people who are different than you.


Coffee is a great way to start your day. It can give you the energy you need to start your day and a cup of coffee in the afternoon can help you stay focused. If you don’t like the taste of coffee, you can add some cinnamon or stevia and it’ll taste a lot better.

A Journal is like a to-do list for yourself. You can plan your days, weeks, or months ahead of time. You’ll have fun writing down ideas and reflecting on your life. With nothing else to look forward to, giving yourself a to-do list can feel amazing.

One of my favorite books of all time is Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” and if you know me at all, you know I love Marie Kondo.

That being said, there’s one book in particular that I’ve been buying because I know it’ll help me keep this list tidy. That book is “Mind and Matter: The new science of the mind and the new psychology of the mind,” by Viktor Frankl.

Stumbling upon it did take me a minute to realize such a thing existed (I’m a big Viktor Frankl fan, and reading a biography is one of the most stimulating things I do), but now I practically read it every day.

From the book:

“Everything passes at the moment either within our control, against our will, or without our conscious awareness… It is not that the events of the world are outside our ken, they are inside — only that we have closed our eyes to the outside.”

I read this quote every day before I get into bed and these past few days as I read have felt a lot more peaceful. There’s a lot we can do to become more present in our lives, and by reading one of Viktor Frankl’s books, you’re sending such a signal out.

If you like what you’ve read, give yourself a pat on the back by liking, commenting, or sharing.


I think handbags can make or break an outfit. You can go from looking like a million bucks to looking like a hobo with just one wrong bag choice.

You don’t need to spend a ton to get the look I’m talking about — sometimes it’s as simple as a white flannel number that’s got a backpack on it (Example: Off-White) or just some cords and a purse (Example: ANZ). But not every outfit needs to be fancy. Sometimes you just need to look nice early in the morning.

I found these cute midi shades at Target for about $10. They come in a lot of fun colors, so picked mine up before they sold out. One tip: Only one pair of colors should go on each arm; if you have gray on one, you can use gray or cream on the other. Otherwise, you WILL get mismatched colors. I’m still working on getting the matching bracelets.

For this, I’ve paired one with a cute masculine brick print that I already own (I have other unique bookmarks with this print… you can find them here and here — their designs are so much better; and one… well, you guessed it, with minimal- but still super pretty dressy shades that match my personality! The boots are worth a mention as well. They’re THE boot for this season. The color is ivory sand. And because they’re croc boots, you can wear them with either leggings or a skirt.

I’m not strictly talking about Christmas gifts here because you can get some seriously cool stationary too. Is your desk littered with all of those little magnets you can never seem to take off? Then you need these! Each magnet is neon pink and will stay in place for 6 months while bristles built into the magnets grip the paper.

Apparel and Accessories:

It’s important to have a variety of products in your store. You don’t want all your products to be in one category. For example, you’d want to have t-shirts, hats and maybe even socks all separate items. This way you can make a larger profit on each item. If you only have one item then the profits will be smaller.

When choosing the books, I recommend having a mix. You can sell your classics, but a lot of people want to read recommendations. You can sell fiction and non-fiction, but a lot of other people like self-help books. As we’re a self-help store, we’re going to sell plenty of both! Also, look for books your customer can actually read. Make sure they like the book and aren’t just taking a quick look.

For books, Nook’s and Kindles work great. However, you can also use your iPhone or Google’s pdf app. You can see the list of books on your phone or tablet. Studies have shown that buying physical books is one of the best ways to build your Nook’s library!

I recommend buying books for different levels. The cheapest ones you can buy are the ones you can just get at the store. If someone’s really interested in a certain topic, they might look here. They might then decide to search other books to find the one they like. Reading can be expensive and helpful at the same time. You could be helping someone out, too!

If you have a YouTube channel, this is a great time to get online courses or courses related to your topic. Email lists are the best. Offer a free gift and they’ll likely sign up just from the free gift. This way you get more potential customers for your product.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online courses available. You don’t want to limit your customer, so you should look into something that someone else doesn’t have. I have an e-commerce store, so I have a lot of items that I bought and sold when I was younger, including clothing and more.

Home Decor:

Home decor is a form of self-expression and can also be a way to save money.

It’s practically probably the most affordable thing you can buy if you’re planning to gift someone else. I’ve been buying the dorkiest/coolest home decor out there for years and it still stays at the top of my list — and has helped me stage a few SAD celebrations at work when we’re not allowed to wear masks.

Here are a few of my favorites…

If an engagement ring or wedding band isn’t quite your style but you don’t want to break the bank, there’s something cool about a bookplate. A decorative bookplate that also doubles as a normal book can be had for as little as $35.99 at Target and Barnes & Noble. These are perfect because they usually have a picture of your book on the front and inside (with your other book items, of course).

You can find bookplates and other book gifts at Office Depot, Neiman Marcus, and OfficePlus.

A coffee bag that says, “I don’t feel connected to my home anymore.” Excellent advice and a cute gift all in one! If you want to make the color red in your coffee shop, here’s a coffee gift guide with bars for Redhook, Harborside, and more!

A nifty iron with magnets that connects to your phone so that it never gets lost. I have two of these and it’s such a great way to take your phone with you on walks around the neighborhood (if you don’t already have one). At $16, it’s a little pricey, but the magnets make it super cute! Plus, it’s magnetic so it can be used with gift cards and clubs.

Office Depot has gift sets with Wall Art, Fixtures, and Stationery collections for various prices.



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