South India is the culturally and naturally beautiful side of India, and Tamil Nadu alone has some of the best naturally beautiful waterfalls of South India. This article explores the ten best waterfalls out of them.

These Waterfalls are Breathtaking

The scenic views at these waterfalls will captivate you with their incomparable charm.

Monkey Falls in Coimbatore: The place has long-tailed macaques and monkeys in its forest area, hence the name Monkey Falls. The Monkey Fall is covered between rich green forests and a rock cliff. One requires some trekking to get here, but it’s worth it when they see beautiful water traveling down from 60 ft.      

Catherine Falls in Nilgiris: CatherineFallsis regarded as one of the best waterfalls in Coorg, Tamil Nadu. Positioned on the Mettupalayam Road, branching off at the pathway, the second-highest waterfall in Nilgiris Blue Mountain will captivate you with its avalanching sound from 250 ft.       

Hogenakkal Waterfalls: The waterfall on the Cauvery River connecting Tamil Nadu and Karnataka is Hogenakkal Waterfalls. Fun fact, the same river comes down touring in Tamil Nadu, journeying its way via Karnataka. As a result, Hogenakkal forms.    

Thalaiyar Falls in Dindigul: Standingtallat 975 ft, there is no question that the Thalaiyar Falls in Dindigul is the highest waterfall in Tamil Nadu. Furthermore, it is the sixth highest waterfall in India and the world’s 267th tallest falls. 

Aagaya Gangai Waterfall in Namakkal: It’s aguarantee that one will experience nature’s gorgeous views from the Kolli Hills at Aagaya Gangai Falls. Generated from the River Aiyar, it is not a mainstream waterfall, but still, it is a sight to behold.    

Suruli Falls in Theni: A guarantee, which comes with Suruli Falls, enclosed in the rich green forest, will make you cherish nature and the color green in particular. Furthermore, it’s great to know that the waterfalls originate from the same river it is named after.   

Kumbakkarai Falls in Theni: Lined up as one of the best places for waterfall bathing in the Theni area, Kumbakkarai Waterfalls is situated at the bottom of the Kodaikanal Hills. You must drive to the green grassed road toward the Kodai-Vellagavi-Periyakulam path, but the reward will be this breathtaking waterfall.

Kiliyur Falls in Yercaud: You will also witness beautiful rocks and rich tropical and vegetation at the Kiliyur Falls. It is recommended to take a day tour to these falls with children as it is also one of the safest waterfalls for swimming in Tamil Nadu.  

Thirparappu Waterfalls in Kanyakumari: To reach the place, one must walk approximately 150 steps or 1 km to reach one side of the falls, but it’s again worth it as they witness beautified greenery around them. The only drawback is that tourists must keep their things safe from monkeys here.

Courtallam Falls in Tenkasi: Enjoy the sound of lush blue water sliding down from 548 ft at the Courtallam Falls, locally called Kutralam Falls, subbed between Tamil Nadu and Kerala border. The great thing about the falls originating from the Chittar River is their medicinal properties.     

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