Mathematics is the most boring subject, especially when children solve problems with pencil and paper. However, like a coin has two sides, math also has a fun and practical side. 

Why are Math Formulas Necessary For Solving Daily Life Issues?

People use math formulas in their daily lives. They realize some of these applications, while others do it subconsciously. Here are some of those applications.

  • People measure their morning walk distance or even the weight they lost while exercising.
  • One can calculate how much vegetables will feed the entire family.
  • Math is valuable in cooking, for example, measurement conversions from cups to tablespoons or ounces.
  • Averaging numbers is also necessary sometimes, for example, when distributing eggs into six bowls.
  • Averaging grades in school.
  • Ordering food at restaurants.
  • Making budgets.
  • Predictions for lottery winning chances.
  • Calculating taxes.
  • And more. 

Six ways to apply mathematics formulas in daily life: The fun way

Surprised how helpful math is, but it’s nothing to be shocked about. Math was always valuable. However, children didn’t know how to use it in regular life. So here are six ways to get started. 

Cooking: Especiallyfor the children of the modern generation, cooking means going out for dinner or ordering food from a restaurant, but only if they broaden their horizon it’s more than that, time for math and parents to jump in. Together children and parents can cook delicious meals at home.

  • Use math formulas to calculate the exact amount of each ingredient needed.

Going on a holiday: It’s always nice to go out and have fun in some other city during the summer or winter holidays, which children get, so how can children apply math formulas here? See below.

  • Calculate the budget using mathematics formulas.

Playing Sports: The fun of playing catch, Frisbee, or other sports with children is incomparable, or the fun they have when they play games during recess. However, no one realized how much math was involved in these activities.

  • Calculating the ball’s speed or the batting angle, all of these tasks involve mathematics. Children do these subconsciously, so they never realize.

Making Arts: Everyone loves drawing and painting, but some children are very serious about it. They never stop until they get what they want to paint on the paper in the first place. For such children, math is handy.

  • Color contrasts, proportions, shades of colors, stroke angles, etc., all these things are necessary for painting, and children can calculate these using mathematical concepts.

Children can create a pie chart on how their family utilizes time: In a typical family, everyone uses their time in different ways at home. For example, fathers may use their time to read newspapers, mothers may use their time to find a new job, or elder brothers may use their time to learn a new skill.

  • Children know the exact time used by every family member for various tasks, and by using math, they can make a pie chart representing that. It’s a fun activity, which also helps children understand mathematics formulas.

Children can use math skills for fun: The last but not least way to use math in daily life is that children can use math to outwit their friends in games they are playing or design original board games.

  • These days, a notable trend is escape rooms, games where one has to solve puzzles while trying not to get caught by zombies. Math is their ultimate savior in such mysteries.

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