Rajasthan is famous for having one of the best foods in India, and thus everyone must at least try it once. This article is for food lovers who plan to travel to Rajasthan. Read on to find out why? 

These dishes are nothing but lip-smacking

Try these dishes on this list and feel the authentic taste of Rajasthan. 

Dal, Bati & Churma: By the looks of it, this combination looks plain, but one bite of these three dishes takes the diner’s taste soul to heaven and increases their cravings tenfold, so they will never have enough of it.

  • The combination comprises Panchmel Dal, Baked Bati, dipped in Ghee, and Jaggery blended Churma.  

Gatte Ki Sabzi & Gatte Ka Pulao/Khichdi: Only someone who arrived in Rajasthan and did not try this traditional dish would be tagged as an unlucky person. The curry is cooked from lip-smacking curd and spices. Try it with Gatte Ki Khichdi for an extravaganza experience.

  • Gatte is the local term for black gram flour dumplings.

Gunde Ki Sabzi: Even though it is famous as a summer cuisine, one can gulp it down their throat in any season. Rajasthan is known for its delicious curries, and Gunde Ki Sabzi is one of them.

Gunda, aka gumberry, is cooked in spicy gravy with fenugreek, mustard, chilly, and chopped mangoes for this curry.  

Ker Sangri: Ker Sangri is guaranteed to melt in the mouth. Just like its name sounds delicious, its taste is too. The dish is famous in Bikaner, Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer’s desert areas.

  • It is a blend of beans and berry fried with yummy spices.

Rajasthani Kadhi: India is famous for its dals and kadhis. However, the top ones are only found in Punjab, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, and Rajasthan prepared with buttermilk, Ghee, and gram flour. It offers a tangy taste, which everyone must try.

  • Those who wish to try something different should get their hands on Aamras Ki Kadhi, created with buttermilk, Besan, and mango puree and sprinkled with Boondi and spices. 

Methi Bajra Puri: Rajasthan is also well-known for its soft puris, many types of puris are available, and one of them is Methi Bajra Puri, which is a healthy Rajasthani food because of has less oil. Bajre Ka Atta gives it that flavor, which everyone loves.

  • It tastes best when served directly from the pan, and the best way to eat it is to press down on it with any finger and break it to get a taste, which locals experience regularly.

Aam Ki Launji: After a long day summer trip in a Rajasthani city, tourists should relax and rejuvenate with Aam Ki Launji, a sweet & sour snack, which can’t be found anywhere else.

  • It is prepared with raw mango, fennel, and nigella and can be a significant part of a complete meal.

Mawa Kachori & Pyaaz Kachori: Another well-known snack, which tourists get packed in lots is Kachori, and among the various Kachori types, Mawa and Pyaaz kachoris are the best. Kachoris are crunchy stuffed snacks, which everyone can eat anywhere and at any time.

  • Mawa Kachori is made from Khoya, dry fruits, deep-fried and dipped in sugar syrup, while Pyaaz Kachori is bigger and stuffed with onions and a unique mix.

Dilkushar: The last part of every meal is dessert, and it must be good, that’s why this list has the top 2 deserts, the first one is Dilkushar aka Besan Ki Barfi, which one can eat either hot or cold.

  • It’s made from stir-fried Besan, cream, Ghee, and Khoya.

Churma Laddu: Sadly, the vast desert on the list is Churma Laddu, so if one liked Churma, they should also try Churma Laddu.

  • Churma Laddu is a Churma shaped like a ball called Laddu.

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Please note: Non-Vegetarian dishes were not included in this list because not everyone eats them. They can be found anywhere in India and taste equally tasty, and Rajasthan is more famous for vegetarian food.



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