It is important to know that event planning and event management are the two separate entities. We cannot consider managing and planning as similar things. These two functions are distinct from each other although overlapping of their skill sets occur. Sometimes it can create problems for the people. Let us understand how? If the people require an event planner and they contact an event manager then it can be a great mistake. If you think that the task of event planning can be given to event managers then you are not right.

Different job descriptions and job titles

There are various job descriptions and job titles in the industry of event planning. These can be an event manager, convention planner, event coordinator, meeting planner or event planner. The list is so big. The job functions’ list grows with the growth in the industry. For the people who begin in the industry, it can be confusing to listen about job titles of event management and the job functions of event planning. It not only creates problems for the clients but frustrates the seasoned professionals equally.

What is event planning?

Planning is the word that is basically used here. You need to do proper planning for corporate gatherings, birthday celebrations and bridal showers. The process of event planning includes discussing budget guidelines, desirable dates, themes and event ideas with clients. For the event to happen you have to follow the concept. The follow up items can be handled after wrapping up the details by the event planners. The event’s objectives can be met if the event is designed by the client after working closely in the process of event planning. The event’s all aspects can be planned by someone who is hired for this by the event planner and the event planner is hired by the client. Several responsibilities are included in the event planning:

·       Choosing a venue

·       Arranging a budget

·       Choosing the event’s overall theme

·       Developing invitations

·       Making arrangements for entertainment guest speakers

·       Hiring a caterer

·       Planning the menu

·       Discussing hotel contracts

·       Arranging transportation facilities

·       Selecting the color scheme

An event can be put together and all this comes under event planning. Event management controls all this.

What is event management?

There can be several parts of a particular event. An event can be created by putting together all these pieces. If you work according to the plan in an efficient, smooth and right manner then you can bring together all those pieces for making your event successful. We call this task as event management and the person who does this usually creates, coordinates and manages various parts of the event. Here are various event management’s aspects:

·       Reserving the event’s location

·       Preparing a parking plan

·       Making contingency plans for emergency

·       Making a plan for parking

·       Arranging outside vendors

·       Monitoring the event

Working together of event planners and event managers 

There is a close relation between these two functions. Event planning can be offered by event managers and Event Management services can be offered by event planners individually. The event, the venue, the management team of the corporate event or the event planner come under this.