The Netgear EX3700 has been one of the greatest extenders on the market because it has dual bandwidth capabilities. In order to achieve excellent Wi-Fi connection throughout the home, users should go for Netgear AC750 as their router of choice. It extends the range of your home Wi-Fi network while also reducing interference. Additionally, the user will benefit from Wi-Fi speeds of up to 750 Mbps while using this Wi-Fi range extender. However, in order to benefit from a high-speed connection, users will need to complete the Netgear EX3700 setup method.

The Netgear EX3700 configuration is straightforward, and it usually only takes minutes to finish. As a result, we’ve included descriptions of the various Netgear configuration options below.

Web browser Method | EX3700

By utilizing the Netgear EX3700, consumers may improve the coverage of their network while also improving the velocity of their internet access. As a result, we’ve outlined the simple and uncomplicated methods to configure the Wi-Fi repeater using a web browser in the sections that follow.

  • After plugging in and waiting for the status LED to turn solid green, the Netgear EX3700 is ready to be used.
  • After that, link the home network or modem by means of Wi-Fi to complete the process.
  • Then, in any of your favourite internet browsers, navigate to and log in.
  • After that, select the new extender configuration option.
  • It is now encouraged to users to select the Wi-Fi connection that they wish to expand from their current location. Then hit on the “Next” button to proceed.
  • After that, carefully specify the desired network name as well as the security settings you want. After that, select the “Next” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Attach the wireless device to the extender and then click on the “Continue” button to complete the process.
  • The extender is now set to function as a wireless range repeater as a result of this action.
  • In order to progress with the registration process, click on the “Next” button once more.
  • Once the registration process is complete, click on the “Finish” button at the bottom of the page.

As a result of taking these procedures, the Wi-Fi bandwidth will be increased. If a customer is still having difficulties with both the Netgear AC750 setup method, they should seek assistance from professionals.

WPS Method | AC750

Follow the steps described below to finish the Netgear EX3700 setup procedure using the WPS technique on your computer.

  • The Netgear EX3700 network must first be turned on before anything else.
  • After that, make sure that the repeater and the Wi-Fi connection are both in the same room as each other.
  • Now, with the assistance of a power wire, connect the extender to a power outlet to complete the installation.
  • Wait for the Indicator to turn green before proceeding.
  • When you’re finished, hit the WPS button on the repeater.
  • If the link status LED light on the Netgear EX3700 turns white, it indicates that the connection between the router and the repeater is working properly.
  • Note: If indeed the router offers the 5 GHz band, the extension will attempt to connect to the router’s 5 Ghz frequency for first time when the user presses the WPS button on the extender’s control panel. The failure of the extender to connect to the router’s 5GHz band during in the Netgear EX3700 setup process may result in a variety of problems. If you are experiencing any of these issues, contact the Netgear Experts for assistance.
  • After that, relocate the extender to a different spot.
  • After then, move the Wi-Fi-enabled device to a position in which the Wi-Fi router coverage is inadequate.
  • Next, establish a connection between the extender network and the Wi-Fi-enabled device.


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