WordPress began as an open-source blogging application built in PHP, based in MYSQL for website owners. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of WordPress Development Company.  Let’s discuss:

Advantages of WordPress:

Easy to use

WordPress streamlines Web creation and website owners’ content administration. Tech newbies are therefore able to quickly build new pages, manage blog posts, add products, pictures, and more without input or code.

Low cost

In WordPress there are several themes are available for free. So the website owner can save money while using them.


WordPress boasts many more developers than other online software developers that create new themes and plug-ins. While WordPress had concerns that it did not have a robust offline support structure, the WordPress online community is extremely helpful and accessible. Safely assume, somebody always is waiting to address your query with WordPress.


If people have no technological background, it is not possible to create an e-Commerce website. Users may sell items online utilizing WordPress e-Commerce themes, utilizing WordPress, making it easier to e-commerce processes.

User Friendly

Since it is a CMS website, the administrator of the site may modify the page, browse the backend of the page and update the content with WordPress. However, the website owners or bloggers themselves may modify and maintain their websites without any coding expertise and website administration abilities.


Plug-ins are regarded to be one of WordPress’ main advantages. Whether you have to improve or not doesn’t matter. The plug-ins are available for everyone.

Websites Responsive

Developing a mobile-friendly website is crucial to both UX and SEO with the increasing use of mobile devices to browse. Most WordPress themes are responsive and hence easy to use while considering responsive.

Disadvantages of WordPress:


When it refers to editing, WordPress is a versatile tool. It’s not like the other site-building tools drag and drop. However, it may be hard for you to customize a lot of themes. If you are not an expert at WordPress, or if you do not have coding expertise.

Exposure & Security

Another of WordPress CMS’s primary disadvantages is that it might be susceptible in many cases. This CMS is an open-source application and hence unlocks the space for potential hackers. Choosing the right themes and plug-ins for any WordPress website is essential to mitigate this hazard.

Frequent Updates

It is not enough to develop a website with WordPress. To ensure it works properly, various plug-ins and themes must install. The more compatibility encounters you utilize, the more WordPress plug-ins you will face.

Updates May Ruin Your Site

Pay attention to changes to WordPress. Because a good number of these plug-ins disregard previous changes, following an update, you cannot locate anything.

Web Developers Hate PHP

For those who have truly not understood programming, WordPress employs PHP, a language developed to template HTML. For reasonable reasons, a large number of ‘professional’ developers complain about PHP. However, it is particularly the way every feature of language. So, it is how it’s incoherent and simple to shoot at your foot. But this matters only after your WordPress website is written or customize.