We are constantly shown the “real world “ on our screen but we encounter the realities when we are on the trail. Not all who wander are lost. Never stop exploring travelholics. Don’t confuse the hike with the destination. The journey is all about the wonders and miracles of nature. Mumbai, the city of dreams and a prominent tourism hub is the perfect destination to begin the journey of a thousand miles. so you might be confused about the places to trek in Mumbai? Alright, here are some of the top treks of Mumbai which will force you to say that “ Hiking and Happiness truly go hand in hand”.

  • Lohagad Trek – So thrillseekers and history lovers get ready to visit the elegant fort snuggled at an astonishing altitude of 3400 ft. The 18th century World Heritage Site is a perfect amalgamation of beauty and rich history. It is an easy grade just like a leisure walk. Witness the ethereal beauty of the place, green meadows, and cascading waterfall. Indulge yourself in the recreational play of clouds. There are four entrances of the surreal fort each offering a slightly different side. Spend your quality time in the fort and cherish the moments.
  • Rajmachi Fort Trek – Rajmachi is a historical fort located on Mumbai – Pune highway. The trek route to this fort is of moderate level. Nestled amidst lush green meadows, foggy mist the place is blessed with breathtaking views. The trek route can either be started from Kondane caves or Tungarli Lake. It is not advisable to trek during monsoon season as the trail is full of slippery rugged terrain and landslides. Fireflies are the main highlight of this fort. You can easily spot them during nighttime. There are many shelter homes in the nearby vicinity where you can rest for a while. But if you have an extra day for traveling do visit kataldhar Waterfall Trek which lies in the same region. You will be mesmerized by captivating views of the dense jungle that will lead its way to this cascading waterfall which resembles shining diamonds.
  • Kalsubai Trek – Want to experience trekking at one of the highest Peaks of Maharashtra? Kalsubai Trek in the Shaydari Range of Maharashtra is a perfect leisure retreat for all trekkers. The trek route is moderately difficult. The trek starts from Bari Village. The Ladder section is the main highlight which makes the trail difficult yet thrilling. The ladder steps are very steep one has to be very careful while crossing them. It is a perfect blend of spirituality and beauty. you get an experience to walk on grassland surrounded by a variety of blooming flowers. The sunrise and sunset view is another spectacular view that is loved by nature enthusiasts. Kalsubai trek is surrounded by various forts which make it the most demanding place.

     ●   Visapur Fort Trek  – soak into the exhilarating views of this quila. It is an ideal     destination where people prefer doing trekking. The beauty of this fort not only lies in its beautiful vistas but in the cheerful hearts of people. There are several routes to reach the fort. The trail can easily be completed within 3 – 4 hours but yes it is damn worth it if you choose to trek at this route. You can also do camping at this spot to rejuvenate your mind and soul. There are several alluring forts and temples around this quila. Overall it is a beautiful place that will steal your heart. 

  • Devkund Trek – The turquoise blue cascading waterfall is located in the Raigad district. So trek up to the beautiful waterfall. Here you can relish and witness the blend of three waterfalls. The whole view is panoramic and spectacular. It is a feast to explore the area where you can feel incredible and peaceful. Spend your time bathing in the waterfall. enjoy the trek and you can en route to Bhira dam and Tamini Ghat during the trek but carry your essentials in the backpack.
  •  Umbrella Falls Trek – Umbrella Falls is 500 m away from Bhandarara Bus stand in Maharashtra. The turquoise blue cascading waterfalls from a height of 500 ft. The view is simply beautiful. If you are planning trekking then it will approximately take you one hour to complete the route. Trekking provides you a perfect opportunity to enjoy the cool breeze, site seeing, and tranquil ambiance of the place. Guess what? The overflowing water of Wilson Dam gushes out and forms an umbrella-like impression which is nothing with Umbrella falls. The water is used for irrigation purposes. you can enjoy the whole picturesque view from the midst of the ridge. However, camping can also be done near the forest area.
  • Alang Fort Trek – Alang Fort is a popular trekking site of Ambewadi, Maharashtra. It connects two twin forts i.e Madan and Kulang the whole route is named the AMK trek route. It is one of the most difficult treks which is not suitable if you are a beginner. It is not a solo trek being a beginner if you are desperate to visit the place you can hire local guides. All three forts combined resemble a half-moon which makes the view unique and stunning. The forest section is the base of the trek route which is a treasure as you get to see seasonal streams, variety of flora and fauna. The long walks connect you with nature and make you feel rejuvenated.

      ● Kune Waterfalls Trail  – Kune Waterfalls is the 14th highest waterfall in India. It is                       centrally located within Lonavala. It is one of the gorgeous waterfalls that cascade from a height of 200 m. It is a perfect monsoon gateway where you not only enjoy the exotic views but it pre offers you many adventurous water sports. The entire view looks like a landscape. It is a blissful experience to go and visit such an ethereal beauty. So hurry up before you rush out of time. 


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