Amazon SEO refers to optimizing product listings for Amazon Search. This allows the listing to appear higher in Amazon search results and increases its potential for sales.

You must note that Amazon SEO differs from SEO for Google and other popular search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term that refers to optimizing a website for keywords phrases that are relevant to the topic.

Amazon SEO also includes searching for the most relevant keywords (Amazon Search Terms) to include in the product title, product key feature (bullet points), product description.

Let’s start with a few terms that are used in Amazon SEO.

  • Amazon Search Algorithm A9
  • Amazon Keywords
  • Product Listing Search Rank
  • Relevant Amazon Keywords

Amazon Search Algorithm A9

Amazon’s Search Algorithm uses software algorithms to determine which product listings should appear and in which order, for any given keyword or search phrase.

Amazon’s search algorithm, also known as Amazon’s A9 Algorithm, is developed by A9. A9’s job is to find the best products that match the search term.

Keywords are used in the A9 product search algorithm to determine a product’s relevance and position in search results.

Amazon SEO efforts focus on optimizing search results using the A9 product search algorithm.

Amazon Keywords

Amazon keywords are words and phrases that real customers (buyers), use to search for products at Amazon.

Anyone who has ever searched on Amazon for something knows that Amazon will show search suggestions based upon other customers’ searches when they begin typing in a word.

These suggestions can also be used as Amazon keywords. These suggestions are also Amazon keywords.

Amazon keywords are keyword suggestions that are based on the most relevant Amazon keywords to the query being entered at the time.

The best part? These suggestions (Amazon keywords), are real people and come from real Amazon customers. Amazon will tell you which keywords are most popular. There is no need to guess.

This is why the Amazon keyword research tool can be so useful. It helps you quickly gather these suggestions and find the most popular Amazon keywords in just seconds. Within minutes, you will have thousands of keywords.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Each Amazon listing includes a product title and product features (bullet point), product description, product image, backend keywords, and other details not directly related to Amazon SEO.

It is strongly recommended that product titles, product features (bullet points), and product descriptions be optimized with as many unique keywords as possible.

Relevant Amazon keywords

Relevant keywords are any keywords that relate to or describe any aspect, detail, or attribute of the product.

Amazon will show your product listing in a search result if and only if the keywords searched are included in the product title and product key features, product descriptions, and backend keyword searches.

Continue reading to find out more about Amazon Keyword Tool and how you can locate relevant keywords for Amazon.

Product Title

Amazon states that the product title should be the first place you include keywords to optimize your product listing.

The product title should include the product name and describe the product effectively using less than 200 characters

Amazon Product Key Features (Bullet points)

You should highlight five benefits (product key features) that your customers need to know before they shop for your product on Amazon.

Keywords can also be used herein in large quantities. However, it is important to remember that keywords cannot be repeated.

Product Description 

The production description is a place to describe your product more clearly and to lay out all you know about it.

Amazon provides 2,000 characters of space to make it easier for product description characters to be limited.

Keyword Search Terms Backend

Last, but not least, you can use keywords in the Search Terms section of the backend to create a product listing.

The area available is only 249 bytes. This is very limited space. This being the case, you can add additional keywords to the product description, product title, key features, and description.

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