Business success can only see the daylight if said business tracks its growth and progress. So to achieve that, every brand needs a marketing reporting tool to get valuable data sources about the achievements of its business. In this article, the content writer has listed the five best marketing reporting software for IT companies.

The profits of using marketing reporting tools

Here are some benefits of using marketing reporting tools that give businesses an edge over their competitors.

  • Useful for advancing marketing strategies.
  • Businesses can easily keep track of weekly, monthly, and yearly marketing stats.
  • It helps make out industry trends and actionable steps that improve performance in marketing.
  • It allows businesses to view their reporting process with data visualization.
  • It gathers and presents marketing data from many sources.

The five must-have marketing reporting tools for tech organizations

It is a list of the five marketing reporting tools that are the best worldwide 


Adverity is a leading tool in the best marketing reporting software for technology brands list. Its end-to-end marketing analysis stage allows tech organizations to watch their results, improve the return on investment and improve their marketing strategies.

Adverity also keeps all marketing metrics on one shelf to easily merge and convert stored information.  

Google Data Studio

Everyone must have used Google Data Studio at least once in their lives to receive working insights into how plans are doing on different marketing routes.

Since its online software, businesses lean towards Google Data Studio for transforming data into custom reports and dashboards. It also provides flexibility while making valuable reports.

Power Bl

As the name suggests, Power Bl is a powerful Microsoft business intellect tool that enables making interactive dashboards and custom accounts for tech organizations. It will undoubtedly increase business surge as it gives actionable observations.

The data visualization component helps businesses forecast their marketing data story by using drag-and-drop report presets.       

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics presents various data visualization choices such as charts, pivot tables, formulas for custom stats, and data mixing for tech organizations. It helps them connect, convert and analyze data and information to make profitable conclusions.

Converting raw data into meaningful reports and dashboards can enable businesses to find trends, forecast the future, and track essential stats.      


Datapine is another powerful marketing reporting tool for IT brands. It allows them to explore, envision, analyze and report data in one place. It also makes the tracking of the key performance indicators’ process easy.

The software empowers every team member to get actionable insights with its self-service analysis scheme. 

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