Open source school management system can be beneficial to the teachers, students, as well as students. By using open source client relationship management tool one can take control of all database related to students. Lower cost, easy customer relationship management, greater learning concepts, lower costs and seamless school management are among its few notable features.

The application includes the following features:

Real Time Solution:

With open source management system you can manage all period, day and other student information only with a few clicks. You can also customize attendance codes in order to meet your specific needs. The built-in report facility helps you check everyday attendance in a seamless way.

Add Contact Information:

This software helps add contact information of the students, parents, relatives, and other authorized personals. Furthermore, with the automated access in the management CRM you can even track data related to designate bus stops, legal guardians, associate parent information and many more.

Student Demographics Tracking:

It also helps administrators track the record of numerous student demographics that attribute in a permanent database as well as student enrollments. If you need some information not to be included in the database, simply use the customized categories and fields to enable creating any number of custom fields in order to monitor any particular data requirement.

Grade book Management:

Open Source Student Management System helps teachers to easily access the grade book management tool to enter homework and task assignments, class tests, and other important activities utilizing graded scales if necessary. Furthermore, teachers can easily analyze students’ grades, test reports, and others.

Bulk Scheduling:

The app also includes a scheduler that enables the users to easily track student requests a well as bulk schedule students. The scheduler software enables you make multiple schedules and adjustments within an institution. Reviewing and printing student schedule reports as well as class rosters can easily be done with few clicks.