Many students do prefer to be doctors. However, becoming a doctor is not as easy as we thought. It requires high determination, and you need to perform best in the game. Indian students really like to learn this hard education, no matter how much competition they face. Therefore, it would be great to bring the right things.

Enrolling in Belarus

Therefore, this will be a good way to avoid entering into fierce Indian competition and entering different countries. When enrolling in Belarus, you can easily get many things.

Belarus for MBBS in Abroad

If you are looking to study MBBS in abroad, then Belarus is the largest place. It is located in Eastern Europe and is surrounded by Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, and Poland. Belarus means the soft and poetic name of white Russians. White represents fairness, cleanliness, innocence, and is a place for people with eternal values. It is an emerging country, the most important in modern and manufacturing fields. Most of the population of this country lives in metropolitan areas.

Traditional Christianity

These are the 2 official languages, Belarusian and Russian. Apart from the completion of traditional Christianity, there is no other official religious belief. The country’s teaching or learning methods have attracted many students from all over the world to study here. A large number of Indians became fascinated by this place and began to learn.

Special Privileges for Indian Students

Indian students will receive special privileges while studying in Belarus. The MBBS in Belarus for Indian students is very easy and can be bought with pocket money. This is the main reason. A large number of Indian students flock to Belarus in order to get admission to medical school.

Admission Requirements

Before preparing for school, it is important to know the exact facts about Belarus. It is also important to understand the admission requirements of these medical schools.

On or before December 31 of the enrollment year, students must be 17 years old and not more than 25 years old. He or she should have passed the 12th category in the scientific field and obtained PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) and the English language subjects from a committee recognized by the Indian authorities.

SC or ST or OBC Candidate 

Candidates should take PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) as their main topics and get at least 125% of the fifth place. The SC (Scheduled Castes) or ST (Scheduled Tribes) or OBC (Other Backward Classes) candidate must be at least 45% in the 12th place and have the same subject as the UR candidate. He or she should have a qualified NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). Only ordinary students are eligible. Students in open schools are not eligible.

Get Closer to Your Dreams

Once determined to accept the Belarusian MBBS admission for Indian students, it will be a good way forward, and it will really help you get closer to your dreams. Most medical schools are approved by MCI (Medical Council of India). After completing the course, they can easily practice in different medical institutions around the world.

Lower Course Fees

One thing to remember is that when you choose a medical school, don’t underestimate the cost. In this way, you can set a budget before admission. Compared with Indian medical schools, most medical schools in Belarus require lower course fees. Therefore, in this way, you can easily gain an advantage and easily enter these medical schools.

Here is a List of the MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Belarus –

  1. Belarusian State Medical University
  2. Gomel State Medical University or Homieĺ State Medical University
  3. Grodno State Medical University
  4. Vitebsk State Medical University


You can choose the appropriate medical school according to your learning needs. Here, you can find the learning atmosphere of the dormitory and Indian cuisine. In this way, it will be easy to adjust to these universities.