Magento is the most used development platform for eCommerce today. An expert developer from Magento in USA shared some interesting details.

Magento is the most popular eCommerce website and almost immediately after its launch some years ago it gained popularity. Although numerous eCommerce platforms are available, eCommerce developers have been attracted to open source codes, free availability, advanced functionality and usability.

There was no attractive platform to the eCommerce industry that could help developers and retailers display goods in virtual shelves conveniently. Magento was created to tackle this problem a few years ago. It is a platform that has many expectations and covers all the basic needs of an online shop.

A world of possibilities have been created for online retailers and developers through this groundbreaking eCommerce software platform. Now millions of online stores around the world use this incredible platform.

Does this fantastic platform you wish to learn more? See these fascinating statistics.

Approximately 2% of the Internet is responsible for Magento:

It is estimated that the platform can provide about 2 percent of all active eCommerce websites, beginning with the initial interesting fact about magento 2 development company. In order to simplify the installation and operation of online stores, the platform was created. It is an extensive platform, larger than any other Drupal or WordPress CMS platform. Magento has a strong eCommerce market share today with all of its functionalities and features.

Online shops Magento has power to almost 250,000: Magento now has almost 250,000 eCommerce sites, and with the addition of new online stores every day, this number is steadfastly growing. Thanks to the way eCommerce companies and development companies gravitate on it due to their manageable features, the popularity of the platform has grown.

Magento contains thousands of themes and expansions preinstalled, including:

In fact, Magento has more than a thousand extensions in its list. Nearly half of this extension was already in version 1, the rest of which was in version two. E-Store creation is easier and faster with the quick and easy installation of the necessary extensions. This is why most developers, whether experts or novices, are motivated.

The platform includes a plethora of built-in templates and themes which help to create beautiful BUI designs and online shop layouts. In addition to these extensions, Most of the above is sensitive, ensuring the visual aspect of the pages is consistent across all devices irrespective of screen sizes and resolution.

The majority of major brands use this platform: The scalability of the platform makes it ideal not only for small eCommerce companies but also for large eCommerce companies. It has characteristics that are suitable for all eCommerce companies. In consequence, Magento has become the choice platform for many renowned online retailers.

This platform can manage the huge influx of online shoppers while managing their major brands’ web presence. Only Magento can handle every hour the avalanche of inventories and orders. This is the main explanation why this channel is still used by a well-known brand.

Magento gets more than 5000 downloads every day:

This platform provides a daily user base of more than 5000 users directly from the official website based on the latest statistics from Magento. This is 150,000 downloads per month. In a month. This is a big number, isn’t that? Yes, and this is all due to the incredible features of the platform, in particular the improved features of the latest update.

Magento is the only platform in eCommerce that enables developers and merchants in one back-end dashboard to manage multiple businesses. This platform function allows developers and dealers to avoid multiple e-stores being managed on different areas.

In the magento 2 development company, Magento is generally an open source platform supporting endless opportunities in the field of eCommerce. Every retail online company has chosen this scalable, stable and easy platform.

Jonathan’s eCommerce developer is a reputable and reliable Australian company called folio3, and works for PHPProgrammers. The author has extensive experience in Magento’s development and writes several helpful articles on Magento 2, the latest edition of the eCommerce platform.



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