India is known for its culture, religion, tourist attractions, and heritage. However, Indians strongly believe in God, and that’s why there are many sacred temples all around the country. One such famous temple is the Balaji temple in Tirupati; it is the most famous temple in south India. This article lists some of the facts that make this temple of Lord Vishnu popular.

Facts about Tirupati Balaji temple that everyone should know

Here are some lovely facts about one of the most sacred temples in India that can baffle even the most knowledgeable scholars.

  • The statue at Tirupati Balaji has actual hair. According to myths and religious texts, the husband of Gardhavan Princess got some of the princess’s hair as the noble person lost some hair.
  • The temple is a work of art as the statue looks like it’s in the middle of the temple from outside; however, it is slightly towards the right corner of the Garba Gudi.
  • No one knows precisely when the pandit lit the lamp before the God Balaji, but as per the beliefs, legends, and myths, the lamp has been glowing for thousands of years and was never extinguished.
  • Interestingly, the idol of God sweats after the morning pooja. The sweat is wiped with a clean cloth.
  • The religious temple of Tirupati Balaji still has the record for being the wealthiest temple in India. Devotees offer cash, jewelry, gold, silver, property deeds, and even demat share transfers, totaling about 22.5 million per day.
  • The Prasad that the devotees offer here is a registered GI of it. It happened after the black market boomed due to the preparation of these sweets.
  • The surroundings of the temple seem normal, but on closer inspection, the place becomes breathtaking. Near the temple is the Garuda hill in Tirumala. It got that name because the hill is shaped like an eagle (Garuda). Furthermore, it is believed that Garuda is the home of Lord Venkateshwara.
  • Another fact about hills is that one can see the face of Swamy on one of them. It appears that Swamy is sleeping.
  • The Tirumala hills’ entrance has a rock formation, which is like the hood of the serpent. The distance of this formation is the same as the central statue of Tirupati Balaji temple.
  • Tourists can find a stick at the main entrance of the temple. According to myths, Ananthalwar used this stick to beat Swami when they were only children. During this, one day, Swami got hit on the chin and bled. From this day forth, the ritual of applying Chandan on the main idol’s chin came into existence.       

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