PHP; an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor is one of the most widely used open-source, server-side scripting languages over the web. PHP developers are classified into two categories: web developers and software developers. A PHP developer creates user interfaces, administers websites and test software. Software developers are sometimes asked to create prototypes in PHP.

PHP is run alongside a web server, which is a software that sends the requested file to the user whenever commanded. This command can be in the form of a URL inserted into a web browser’s address bar or a click on a link of a web page.

After the PHP is installed, the web servers are configured to expect certain file extensions to accommodate PHP language statements that are either in the form of .php or .ptml or any other. When a request for a file with a designated extension is placed, the HTML statements are sent directly. But, the PHP statement is first processed by the PHP software by which only output or anything printed on the screen is only sent by the webserver. 

Because of its high functional speed, sharp accuracy, user-friendliness, cross-platform applications and simple techniques of usage, PHP has turned itself into the need of every generation since 1995. It provides one of the most secure ways to develop websites and dynamic web applications. Using PHP, the interaction between the visitors and developers can be improved in a way HTML alone can’t do.  

PHP training courses in Kolkata are especially popular among students because of high resource availability to the market. The free accessibility and global acceptance of PHP have resulted in increasing its demand exponentially. According to the statistics of April 2020, about 50.6% of all sites and 39.6% of all websites on the web are using PHP.

Learning PHP will broaden your knowledge about web development and help you inculcate a new skill. Moreover, it is a secure option for getting a quick IT job as a trainee PHP programmer. The facilities provided by PHP are something only paid scripting language would offer and that is its most prominent feature.

PHP developer courses in Kolkata have a lot to offer but hard work has no substitute. A lot of information and online tutorial videos are available to learn this language from scratch because of its large community of developers. Thus facilities can reach at your doorstep only if you are eager to learn. But, before learning PHP, you must at least have the basic knowledge of computer programming, internet, database, MySQL etc.