Software is used to automate marketing tasks. As a result of integrations with CRM and CDP software, marketers use this software to nurture leads. As a result of this, they can automate and personalize their marketing messages and content. Customers love it and vendors love it, too. Expanse was acquired by Bloomreach in December 2020, a provider of digital experience platforms (DXPs). As part of its marketing automation platform, Exponea offers CDP integrations.

For $4.75 billion, Adobe acquired marketing automation provider Marketo in 2018. A number of notable Digital Marketing Agency have taken place at both Oracle and Salesforce in the past nine years.

What should you look for when selecting marketing automation software for your small business?

You will never have all of the information you need in order to make a perfect decision for your business. What should you be looking out for, so that you can make good decisions?

  • Find out your requirements: With all the choices out there, it can be excessive to try to choose the right tool. With all the different features, it’s easy to confuse about which tools you need. You might even end up with the Fatigue feature. To avoid this, explain it clear about what features you need to meet your marketing strategy before starting your search. That way you can avoid being disturbed by solutions with luxury but not necessary features.
  • Find the right product DNA: Many different tools have strong features that are very similar listed on each feature page. To distinguish them, you want to get the company’s priority. Take time on their site, read their blog, and find out what makes them different in their core. That way you can have more confidence they will continue to suit your business.
  • Being full-time and ROI: cheaper generally better, but not always. You want to be clear about how much time you spend on your marketing tasks, and how much time you will save to save them. A slightly more expensive tool that saves your time is a good deal.
  • Find an easy-to-use solution: it doesn’t matter how strong the tool; If it’s too complicated, it won’t be used. If there is a steep learning curve and your team must go through the months of training to do the simplest task, people will return to how they did something before.
  • Pay attention to customer service: You may become a technical-minded customer who personally requires a lot of support, but service quality is still a reliable indicator of a good culture. You want to know that your service provider will be relied upon and put your needs first. It’s good to send a few questions just to see what the response is.
  • Confirm how it matches your existing stacks: we all rely on some tools in our daily lives, and the best results occur when they all play well together. Unless you want to spend half the data copy-pasting day from one application to another, you will want a solution that is integrated with the other tools you use. For example, if you run an e-commerce business in Shopify, be sure to use the Shopify application, because they have been well integrated with the core business platform. If you are running a B2B business, make sure your marketing automation system plays well with your CRM.

Here’s how marketing automation can help B2C companies:

  • Provide Multi-Channel programs

Marketing automation allows you to meet this expectation by sending customers personalized messages and interacting with them. There is an extra level of engagement with these tools because they take advantage of user behavior and web-based triggers to leverage contact behavior.

  • Test and refine messaging and programs

Education and experimentation are essential to the success of marketing automation tools. A/B testing is one type of experimentation. With the help of different audiences and segments, you can find out what works best for a particular consumer profile.

Your messaging and programs will become more effective if you have this understanding. Programs like this run tests on a large number of branches to determine the best course of action. Retargeting programs, multi-step campaigns, and win-back programs are some of the most common types of campaigns. FourCreeds will help you to solve your digital marketing issues with their blogs and articles.

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