It always happens just when you need it the least: A moment’s carelessness, a thoughtless hand movement or just plain bad luck and a broken door key is stuck in the lock. In such emergencies, a competent and professional locksmith with burglary protection is important to get you out of the predicament quickly. Our specially trained locksmiths offer you a comprehensive range of locksmith and burglary protection services. They have a variety of special tools at their disposal and know the exact moves that enable a quick and clean door opening.

Your Locksmith W10 specialist for burglary protection in North Kensington

Burglary protection – not yet a standard for houses and flats. Every 2 minutes there is a burglary in UK. Unsecured windows and doors can be overcome by a trained burglar in just a few seconds using only a screwdriver. Burglars are not to be underestimated. Even the slightest negligence can lead to them getting into your house. It does not matter whether it is light or dark. Most burglars are even active during the day – and unnoticed!

Effective protection starts with simple rules of behaviour: Tilted windows and patio doors are a welcome invitation for thieves and should therefore be closed. The same applies to the front door: don’t just let it fall into the lock, but lock it as well!

What to do against burglars?

Protect yourself against burglars and take preventive action – with the help of our comprehensive service. Locksmith W10 will advise you free of charge on the subject of burglary protection and security technology. If you wish, we can also install various security systems on your premises. Individual measures for burglary protection are, for example:

  • Installation of burglar-resistant house and flat entrance doors
  • Installation of retrofit systems for house and flat entrance doors (e.g. additional door locks, cross bolt or armoured bolt locks with or without locking bar)
  • Installation of window retrofit systems (e.g. screw-on window bar locks, rotation-restrained window handles, hinge or hinge side security devices, mushroom head locks)
  • Installation of burglar-resistant grilles and roller shutters
  • Installation of burglar and hold-up alarm systems (e.g. camera systems, panic switches, person detection at house and flat doors)
  • Building-related assistance systems (e.g. intercom systems, door viewers, motion detectors, lighting)

Don’t wait until it’s too late, react now and let our team provide you with comprehensive information and advice!

The master key system

The master key system is the simplest form of a locking system and is arranged hierarchically. A master key system or central locking system includes a master key that fits all cylinders, as well as various individual keys. Access authorisations are granted according to priority and can be combined as desired. There is a master key to which several group and individual keys are assigned. For example, each employee receives a key for his or her workroom, the supervisor(s) have “key authority” and possess higher-level keys.

The master key system

With the general master key system, there is not only one, but several master keys for the main group. It is one of the more complicated locking system variants, because several hierarchy levels (groups) are integrated here. The group has a group key that operates all the individual locks it contains. These groups are subdivided into main groups. This hierarchical structure can be extended as required and is typical for larger office buildings with several floors. Contact Local Locksmith North Kensington W10 today on 0203 667 3601.

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