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Market Synopsis

According to MRFR, the global high voltage amplifier market is slated to grow at approximately USD 939 Million by 2023, at 13% of CAGR over the review period (2017 to 2023).

Market Scenario

The key driving force for the high voltage amplifier market is the rising demand for consumer electronic products and wireless network technologies. The growing proliferation of mobile networking applications along with cellular networks has resulted in increased network traffic. In addition , increased demand for low noise and wide bandwidth equipment often effectively fuel market development. Another factor which positively affects the size of the market is the presence on the global market of numerous existing key players. High voltage amplifier market are widely requested in applications needing both complex signals and high voltage performance.

At the other hand, high risk involving the construction of high voltage amplifier jeopardizes safety, which in turn can dissuade the growth of the industry. On the other hand, major companies such as Texas Instruments and Trek Inc. are actively investing in the market due to the rising demand from various segments of the industry. Growing developments by powerful companies across the globe are raising the expectations, contributing to business expansion.

In recent years, migration towards zero-drift capacity has been observed, a phenomenon that has gathered considerable traction in the marketplace. This is a method for dealing with continuously changing temperatures and drift over time; it also corrects offset voltage and noise density.

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The high voltage amplifier market has been segmented on the basis of slew rate, type, and application.

Unipolar and bipolar are the forms of the high voltage amplifiers. Bipolar divisions are expected to develop dramatically due to their flexibility and low cost operating features, among others. By slew rate, the market is segmented on the basis of 15-50 V/us, 501-1000 V/us, 51-500 V/us, 1001-2000 V/us, Greater than 2000 V/us.

The application segment is bifurcated into medical, industrial, nuclear, telecommunications and others. Thanks to the growing number of applications in the aerospace and defence and medical sectors, and its capacity to produce reliable outcomes and high sinal performance, the industrial sector is projected to expand significantly during the forecast period.

Regional Appraisal

The demand for high stress amplifiers is geographically separated into North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Compared with other countries, North America’s high-voltage amplifier market is expected to see substantial growth and hold the largest market share over the assessment period. The US and Canada are expected to fuel growth in the demand for high voltage amplifiers.

This is attributed to the involvement of a large number of key players formed in the area. Europe is the second largest market in the world due to growing industrialisation, strong economic growth, demand for cellular networks and consumer products , and growing amount of acquisitions by existing players in the industry. In addition, the area also has a well-established network allowing greater mobile penetration and offering improved connectivity. That’s a crucial growth driver for the region ‘s business.

Asia Pacific is expected to see comparatively higher growth and is also projected to rise at the fastest CAGR as compared to other regions during the forecast era. Besides this, the area also has a well-established network that makes for greater smartphone penetration and eventually provides improved connectivity. This is expected to be a significant factor in the development of the demand for high voltage amplifiers.

Key Players

The prominent players in high voltage amplifier market are – Analog Devices, Inc. (U.S.), Trek, Inc. (U.S.), Tabor Electronics (Israel), Texas Instruments, Inc. (U.S.), Falco Systems, Inc. (U.S.), HVP High Voltage Products GmbH (Germany),Linear Technology (U.S.), Accel Instruments GmbH (Germany), Aerotech, Inc. (U.S.) Dewetron GmbH (Germany), and others.

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