Digitization is the latest trend everywhere. So, schools are also utilizing the various benefits of digital makeover through the deployment of a school management system that provides various online features under a single roof. This aids the school’s operations and environment and in turn, increases the output of its faculty.

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The virtual school management system also offers consistent communication between parents and teachers, parents and school authorities, students and teachers, etc. This diminishes the effort and budget ofa school’s administrative activities. As the virtual school software interface connects the diverse users in educational institutions like educators, administrators, principals, school directors, parents, and learners, the school management tool is very crucial in describing the user experience of these users.

The following are the main ways a virtual school management system can improve the general user experience of the parents and students associated with educational institutions:

Pre-admission procedure

It is during the pre-admission procedure that a parent or a learner comes in contact with the school management system.Typically, it is for filling up the inquiry form or to submit an application for joining the institution. Depending on the features offered in the inquiry and aspirant registration module, the parents and aspiring learners will receive alerts and notifications in the form of SMS and emails. The system is professional and creates a great impact.

Admission procedure

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With the conclusion of the applicant registration process and application selection, the parents and students will be called for the admission procedure. The disqualified candidates will be informed about their application status and the eligible applicants are allocated precise days and time to visit the school campus. In the admission process, the aspiring student will be enrolled in definite batches. All these critical undertakings can be accomplished utilizing a well-configured online school management tool.

Timetable tracking

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The parents and learners receive access to the timetable of the educational year specific to the batch the student is admitted in. It can be accessed from the dashboard of student login from a web browser. The login particulars will reach the parent in the form of an SMS or email.

Grade book

Parents, in general, can access and go through the grade book of their children to better comprehend the performance in different examinations conducted in the educational institutions. The grade book feature of the virtual school software can be accessed from the mobile app and the web browser thereby enhancing the user experience.

Non- academic activity progress profile

The students partake in a lot of extracurricular activities across diverse years in school. The specifics of these activities along with the routine notes of the pupil will be obtainable in student profiles for the access of the parent.

Alerts and notifications

Parents will get the alerts and notifications of different events and meetings in the school. These will be in the form of SMS, emails, and push notifications. The alerts and notifications will be directed to the mobile phone numbers provided by the parents. These alerts and notifications act as a connection between the parents and the school. These are commonly student-centric alerts like attendance, fee payment, school events, emergency,holidays, meetings, and others.


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With the help of virtual school software, the parent will be notified early about the fee payment date and will also be informed about the last date of payment and the due details. The online payment gateways incorporated with school software make fee payment a smooth job for the parent without leaving their place.

Parent-teacher communication

Parents can clarify their reservations with the teachers directly and also can receive feedback and opinion from teachers about the performance of their children. The uninterrupted communication system makes it possible to interact on any matter without any deferment.

Project submission

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The virtual school management system makes it possible for students to submit projects from their homes. The students can complete the project and upload it online from their home and these can be viewed in the dashboard.

So, don’t be skeptical about implementing an online school management tool. It only adds to the user experience of the students and the teachers.