Today’s market offers a number of excellent indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras that a practical homeowner can install on their own. Our total manual for home surveillance camera establishment is the approach you need to plan, position and introduce your reconnaissance gadgets.

Consider all of these areas and identify which ones are absolutely must-have based on your home’s vulnerabilities.

Exterior: entrance door

A CCTV camera at the main entrance watches over everyone entering and leaving your home, from family members and babysitters to handymen, delivery men and more.

Exterior: Back and side doors

Doors that are out of sightt allow visitors to enters undetected, invited or not. To ensure complete knowledge of everyone coming and going, add cameras to your secondary doors, especially if one of them is used as much or more frequently than the main door, or if one (like the basement door) looks particularly attractive or accessible to a potential intruder.

Exterior – Garage and Driveway

A camera pointing at your garage and / or driveway watches over bikes, tools, grills, sports equipment, cars, and everyone who drives them. On the off chance that your carport is confined, the camera causes you remain associated.. If the garage is attached, the added layers of security monitors another possible entrance to your home.

Exterior: Patio

Monitoring your yard will help you keep tabs on anyone observing your home from the outside. It is also useful for capturing the activities of children, animals, and intruders.

Interior: common areas

Placing CCTV Security cameras in gathering spots like the kitchen or living room is a great way to see if kids are doing what they are supposed to do, if the babysitter is watching, what pets are getting into, or to check if there is domestic help like cleaners and repairmen. Consider prioritizing any room that has large windows on the ground floor, that way you can see if someone is tampering with them or using one as an access point.

Interior: main staircase or hall

Place a CCTV camera on the main roads inside your home, and it will be difficult for someone to move around undetected. If someone breaks into a bathroom, bedroom, or other unmonitored area, they will still be caught on camera if they move across the street.

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