Android operating systems have become quite popular nowadays. For the people who are aspiring to make new apps or upgrade older apps have to undergo through android training. Ejobindia is one of the best android training institutes in Kolkata. To get the best android training within reasonable fees must check android training course fees in Kolkata.

There are many operating systems available in the software industry. There are two of them that are famous worldwide; namely, ios and android. The problem faced by people in the software industries was that it was becoming difficult to build apps separately for computers, laptops, tabs, and mobile phones. There was a time when mobile phones did not have the capacity to carry out heavy tasks like handling transactions or doing conference video calls. There had been a requirement for the installation of apps for both the devices for safety.

Android is such an operating system that has the capacity to do all the work on all sorts of devices. People nowadays depend on mobile phones completely so most of the work is done on them. Huge cash transactions, bookings or conference video calling, etc, are all done on mobile phones.

The people who want to make new apps or develop and upgrade an older version of the app must undergo android training. Among all the other operating systems, android training is the most flexible from others.

This institute provides the students with the best and most experienced lot of teachers so that the students get the best possible guidance. The teachers have been in the field of work of the software companies and still keep in touch so as to know about the changes that happen in the industry.

The classes are conducted through the online mode. There are 5 classes organised per week. Along with the regular classes, there are doubt clearing classes conducted for the students who find it difficult to follow the curriculum pattern. The main advantageous point of this institute is that there is no hard and fast rule that the student has to complete the course within the designated time. The students can learn at their own pace and then complete the course.

Since the physical presence of the student is not required, the internships and the workshops are also online. The students can attend the workshops by logging in to the link provided to them. Similarly, they can complete their internship program from home.

There are also live lectures provided by the experts of the software companies where the students can understand about the actual field of work from an expert.

After the completion of the internship program, the students are given points on the basis of their performance, application of their skills, and their efficiency. They are given online certificates and job placement offers as well.

This institute invites interviewers from well reputed software companies and offer guaranteed job placements. Along with the android training, the faculty members organise sessions where the students are prepared for job interviews.


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