LinkedIn is a social platform for professionals that allow connecting individuals and business to connect with each other. People took a lot of benefits from this platform. But still they weren’t able to have many things to generate sales leads. As LinkedIn was designed for professional benefits they introduce a sales help tool call LinkedIn sales navigator. This tool gives options to individuals and business owners to track and build relation with leads via LinkedIn. In regard of lead generation there are a lot of benefits of Sales navigator. Let’s discuss about few.

Automated Lead suggestion:

LinkedIn sales navigator gives you suggestion for leads and clients that is based on the data set you select for your niche. These suggestions are automated. Once you select your preferences sales navigator start working for you and show you the prospect of your niche.

Unlimited Search Results:

As LinkedIn is a global platform so there are unlimited prospects available on LinkedIn. Sales navigator allows you to search all prospects of your niche. You are not bound with the limit in terms of number. How much data you want LinkedIn Sales Navigator will allow you to access that data.

InMail Function:

Sales navigator has an option called InMail function that allows user to contact the prospect. You can use the option to send email to contact the person you were looking for.

News Feeds:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to create new feeds of just your prospects, where you can comment or communicate through their post, even if you are not connected with them on LinkedIn.

The above were key benefits of LinkedIn sales navigator. You can use these tools to generate leads, they are really effective if you use them efficiently. What you can do via LinkedIn is limited but sales navigator made things easy for you.

Before sales navigator you were able to search the prospects but if they hide their details you can’t reach them. LinkedIn sales navigator allows you to reach to your prospect contact them via email option and create a better relationship. You can search thousands of prospects from your niche just with a single click.

You can also search the leads irrespective of your niche with the given filter. Let suppose you have selected IT services in your niche. But now you want leads from some other niche but specific location or requirements. This tool allows you to use the filters for different type of data. You can filter the prospect with company size, Location, job title and keyword. Sales navigator lead builder tool helps you grab the most accurate lead of your choice. Lead Builder provides you really accurate data available on LinkedIn, and you can filter with different filter options and sort the best prospects out of all available data.

LinkedIn made the lead generation really easy with the help of Sales navigator and also adding lead builder in sales navigator.

I’ll recommend the startups and business owners to use LinkedIn sales navigator. The fee is really nominal as compare to the benefits of this smart tool. Hope this blog helps you. Thank you for taking time to reading my blog.