The professional year program offers an internship chance for overseas students once they finish their degree in Australia. It helps them in growing professionally. It also enhances their possibility of getting a permanent residency in the country. The PYP allows students to develop industry-particular skills through study and work experience and trains them for a successful professional life.

Pros of the professional year program

Students benefit by pursuing a professional year program, aka PYP. These gains include the following.

Helpful work experience in an Australian company: The professional year program’s internship opportunities aid overseas students’ search for rewarding jobs in the country. Many regarded universities in Australia present internships to their students under the PYP. Applicants can hope to get a permanent designation in these organizations once they complete the course. 

Extend network of professional contacts: The PYP presents an opportunity for students to increase their list of professional contacts. It offers a chance to meet professionals in their sector and connect with people with identical career objectives and interests. 

Naturalize with Australian work culture: Students will be able to learn the company culture in Australia. In addition, it helps them to derive the code of conduct in an Australian organization. It will be of value once they get into a full-time career. 

Qualified for extra points: They will be considered to get five additional points from the immigration & border protection department, aka DIBP, in the points test when they enroll for a Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Visa.

Eligibility criteria for a professional year program

Here are the eligibility needs for all students before enrolling in a professional year program in Australia.

  • Candidates should have finished an undergraduate or postgraduate degree course from an Australian institute.
  • They must hold a Skilled Graduate (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 485) that allows them to stay in Australia for 18 months, precisely a year and six months after completing their course.
  • They must have overall minimum marks of 6.0 in all sections of IELTS, which are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 
  • They must have finished a legal skills assessment from an assessing official.

Documents needed to enroll in the program

Students will require these documents before applying for a professional year program in Australia.

  • Students must have a finished application form.
  • They must also have a copy of their valid passport.
  • A resume is also compulsory.
  • An IELTS certificate to prove their English proficiency.
  • Evidence of current visa status.
  • Attested copies of academic documents, such as degree certificates, etc.
  • Skill assessment certificate from the valid assessing organization.

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