As of now, angular is considered the best single page application (SPA) development solutionsbesides React JS. Angular is used to create a single-page application with the most modernJavaScript frameworks. Since its inception in 2009, several adjustments have been made inangular platform.The first version of this framework, popularly known as Angular JS, has pavedthe foundation of the modern front-end application development.

A Brief History:

As mentioned, the first version of angular launched in the year 2009. This framework wasspecifically built to handle the downfalls of HTML while taking ideas and best aspects from othertechnologies. The inception of angular JS was a great achievement and its features made thisframeworkextremely popular among the web developers. Angular JS that actually refers to the1.x and 2.x versions of the framework, is now currently known as Angular. During the earlydays, Angular was not only a framework, but it has many different features that made itextremely popular very soon. Angular became more popular due to the sponsorship of the greatcompany like Google.

Angular Training in Kolkata:

Angular is a popular framework used in Kolkata and there developers who master Angular (bothAngular 4 and Angular 2) can have an awesome career in Kolkata as well as in the other states.There are many institutions that are offer angular training in Kolkata. Selecting a good courselike this is important as this course lets students learn from the scratch. That means, to takeadmission in this type of course, you neither need to know Angular 1 or Angular 2. However,when it comes to choose the best angular course or react JS training in Kolkata, you need tochoose the most comprehensive and popular one.

Characteristics of a Good Angular Training:

A good angular training covers everything from the setup to deployment. By taking admission toa good angular training in Kolkata, you will learn all about components, directives, services,forms, Http access etc. Also, more advanced angular training helps you learn aboutauthentication, how to optimize an angular app with modules as well as offline compilation. Atthe end of the Angular course, you will learn about how to deploy an application.

Another important advantage of this advanced angular training centers is that they offer anextremely fast and friendly support. At any time during the course, if you get stuck, you can askfor their help and the friendly faculties will be there to help you. In short, a good angular trainingin Kolkata can help you learn about how to develop the most updated, complex, responsive andscalable web applications with Angular framework.