Everyone has heard about traditional dry cleaning, but this article is not talking about it. Instead, it’s a take on organic dry cleaning, which helps people choose an authentic organic dry cleaner by telling them everything they need to know about eco-friendly organic dry cleaning.

Choices for eco-friendly organic dry cleaning

There are presently two dry cleaning facilities, which are considered eco-friendly. They are called wet cleaning and liquid carbon dioxide cleaning. Even though these two methods are quite distinct from each other, neither process applies any toxic chemicals.

Wet cleaning:  The word wet cleaning might sound weird when it comes to dry cleaning. However, the wet cleaning process is not the same as traditional laundering. Dry cleaners, which provide wet cleaning methods, use efficient washing machines that run differently than the traditional ones.

Liquid carbon dioxide cleaning: This dry cleaning process includes using pressurized liquid carbon dioxide that is natural gas. Liquid carbon dioxide is entirely nontoxic. This cleaning method mainly blends liquid carbon dioxide with other delicate cleaning solutions.     

Pros of eco-friendly organic dry cleaning

It can require a little bit of hard work to search for an eco-friendly organic dry cleaner, but it is well worth the time to find one. Some of the best benefits of prioritizing eco-friendly dry cleaning include:

No use of toxic chemicals: Many citizens do not understand that perc used in traditional dry cleaning is labeled as a probable carcinogen. When one selects wet cleaning or liquid carbon dioxide cleaning, their freshly laundered fabrics won’t contain toxic chemicals.    

Do one’s part for the environment: More and more people nowadays wish to live a green lifestyle. If one’s dedicated to lowering their carbon footprint, going for organic dry cleaning is an excellent choice. One will have harmony knowing that their dry cleaning is not mixing hazardous chemicals in the air, soil, and water.     

It’s advantageous: Deciding on eco-friendly organic dry cleaning doesn’t have to be more challenging than conventional dry cleaning. Many eco-friendly dry cleaners provide pick up and drop services as well as mail order assistance.

How to select an authentic eco-friendly dry cleaner?

Some dry cleaning brands claim to be eco-friendly, but in reality, they are not. When choosing a dry cleaner to launder their clothes, customers should ask if they use wet cleaning or carbon dioxide cleaning methods. These are the two dry cleaning steps proven to be highly eco-friendly.

Be careful of dry cleaners, which offer hydrocarbon cleaning or washing that uses siloxane. These processes are frequently commercialized as being natural. However, they are not; hydrocarbon is not as toxic as perc, but it is a petroleum item. Similarly, proof found in research on siloxane has led the EPA to take it as a probable carcinogen.    

Conclusion: Eco-friendly organic dry cleaning is an excellent selection for everyone who desires efficiently cleaned fabrics while protecting mother nature. Both wet and liquid carbon dioxide cleaning will have one’s clothes just as shiny as traditional dry cleaning minus all harmful chemicals. One should find a dry cleaner, which is genuinely eco-friendly and applies cleaning techniques, which do not need toxic chemicals. One is sure to be very satisfied with the outcome.    

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